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    Was dating my ex for a little over a year and he broke up with me because of constant arguments. I do think it’s for the best but its sonars because of loneliness. I don’t want to get a rebound but I really don’t have friends here. I recently moved and feel so lonely. I booked my schedule from march today with trips with friends from home but the next few weeks is going to be hard. Any advice on how to get over it?

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    Self care. Go for walks. Massages. Fitness classes. Swim and sauna. Try new foods. Flirt with the world, men and women, by smiling and being friendly. Read great fiction. Wear new lipstick or perfumes. Treasure hunt at a thrift store. Have essential oil baths. Frankinsense is divine. Buy yourself a plant or flowers. Light candles. Listen to guided meditation and self hypnosis on YouTube. Enjoy time to luxuriate in being you. Put loads of positive focus and the freed up energy on you.

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    Read the book “Be As You Are:The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi” edited by David Godman. This is an extremely important book!!

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    Girl, you’re in New York City. There’s just like, I don’t know, literally anything to do. Do you anything. Like literally anything.

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    Read a book, then read another one.

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    She wants social interaction and all she gets are solo activities? Add in a vibrator.

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