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    Women, do you find there are certain things you would speak to your girlfriends about more than your boyfriend? In more detail? And if so what are these topics?

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    Lipstick, high heels, tampons, Magic Mike, feminine odor, bikini waxes, cellulite, chic flicks…..

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    T from NY

    This idea that your partner should be your very best friend, that you tell every deep dark secret to – is a fairly new concept. Relationships used to exist in much greater circles and women and men’s lives were more divided. It is OK to not rely on your man in every way. It’s AWESOME to have close girlfriends and spend time doing your own thing outside of the relationship. The healthiest lives are about BALANCE.

    Of course there are things you talk about with your girls you wouldn’t discuss with your man. That = healthy and okay.

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    I talk to my best friend (who is also a woman) about everything that I know will drain my boyfriend’s attention — so anything about daily stresses, any issues I run into with other people, my good days, my bad days, my insecurities, whether my workout went okay , my period and all other stages between said periods, and general complaining about life and womanly woes, etc.

    I talk to my boyfriend about problems in which I need advice, schedules/plans, dreams, goals, deepest fears, secret wishes/fantasies, our families, i.e., the big stuff — and sometimes the little stuff, but I try to make our conversations matter.

    My BFF will always be there for everything and she will understand everything because she and I are so much alike and she’ll get it. My BF will not always understand (just the nature of the difference between the sexes, no judgment) so I tend to talk about the things that will affect us, not just randomly blab. My BFF wants to hear me randomly blab, my BF notsomuch. lol

    I’m happy with how that’s working. I should note that my BF thinks it’s important for he and I to be each other’s best friend. And honestly I think he is my best friend. But I also know that I need a lot more verbal communication and having my BFF to talk and share things with fills that need.

    I read a newspiece a while ago about a study that found men have a harder time after their wife dies because they haven’t maintained a social network (they tend to confide in only their wives as time passes) whereas women who lose their husbands do better because they have maintained a social network and closeness with others; and that network is where they go to for support.

    I’m curious to know why the OP is asking? What’s going on?

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    Hey Anne, thanks for your response. I was asking as I recently had a conversation with a friend about how I talk to my girlfriends about things wouldn’t discuss with my boyfriend. Very similar to you in the sense that I chat to my girlfriends about the little things (in detail) and I know my boyfriend wouldn’t be so interested. And I talk to my boyfriend about more important things.

    The male friend I was talking to took issue with this and seemed to think it was very strange. I imagine because he doesn’t have as many close friends he feels comfortable discussing things with?

    That article you mentioned sounds interesting and I think there is a lot of truth in that. I think men can sometimes only disscus personal things with their partner, and stop discussing with their friends. But I think women continue to talk to their girlfriends about personal things going on with them throughout the relationship.

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    Annie not Anne sorry!

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