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    Since we have had an influx of rather hateful people recently. Perhaps Eric could appoint a poster moderator with edit/delete powers? It would have to be a frequent member who enjoyed the trust and respect of other posters. There are number of posters who I consider trustworthy enough for the position: RCS,Crisula,anon,Peggy,T from NY. This is not an exhaustive list so don’t feel upset if I didn’t mention you. Lane would be great choice.

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    the rules

    posting on the forum isn’t how to get a hold of the moderator or whoever is the admin for this forum.

    They have already made clear this is an unmoderated forum. Go find Eric on Facebook and message him there.

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    I am not on FB.

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    First he says he hasn’t posted since Friday due to disc long too much. Which is a lie. Now he wants to stir up drama like a girl. Who cares if you are Fb? Find your own forum in sissy’s because you contribute zero on here other than hate against women.

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    Haha you didn’t mention Lane who is just like you.

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    This cracks me up! It wasn’t so long ago someone started a we hate Lane thread or something because she was being so harsh and self important in her threads and now they’re wanting her as a moderator!

    And the icing on the cake is you have Stephen starting this thread who has a deep seated hatred for women and spreads misogynistic stereotypes in 99% of the threads to which he creates or replies. Priceless!

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    So speak the truth!

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    the rules

    people only stir up drama if other people react. Stephen’s a tool, I ignore his BS when he posts because he’s clueless. Move on folks.

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    I’ll be moderator!

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    Uh, Carolyn, the “we hate Lane” post was a while back and it was a sarcastic joke. Go look it up.

    I think it’s people who have been here a while using new names to hide behind to be snarky.

    Eric was going to shut this thing down but then people started saying they were going to start their own and all of a sudden he decided there is too much “goodness” here to let it go. He obviously hasn’t been here in the last month. The influx of mean girls is off the charts.

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    L for President!

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    haha.. this is a silly thread to start. if a poster posts comments, there will be good and bad views. polite and harsh posts. the poster needs to take it in stride and listen to those views which resonate with the poster. having a moderator is so childish.. the class misbehaved so call in the teacher. lol.

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    you do know anon isn’t actually a name, but is short for anonymous? numerous different posters uses anon

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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