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    I would just like to say I decided to leave him alone and move on. This morning he reached out and asked if when I get back from vacation we can see about talking again. I will take everyone’s advice and keep it slow, non sexual, let him come to me etc etc.

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    Well, this is good news. I agree with most of the advice, but I was also thinking that maybe this is solvable, if you back off a little and let time do the rest. At the early stages there is often some awkwardness and everyone sometimes worry that something that they said was too much or not enough. But usually, this is not the end of the world.

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    I don’t understand. You say you are moving on but then say you are waiting for him to reach out to you. He did come to you. Why didn’t you finalize a date for when you are back? You are super confusing. You go from full on sending the guy a video to now saying you want out and yet then you say you are waiting for him to Lead? I can see why the guy is confused because what your thought process is right now is totally confusing. And you are giving him mixed messages. What exactly do you want? You had a few dates with the guy. He isn’t a boyfriend and then get rattled because first he isn’t texting as much but now he wants to see you and you can’t even decide if you want to see him. Re read what you wrote. Why can’t you just settle down and enjoy having some dates and getting to know the guy. You clearly sent that video to somehow show him your interest. We know that. He knows that. When he didn’t respond the way you wanted you went overboard.

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    Lisa what you did many of us have done already. that’s where the advice is coming from. u messed up. :-) but hey its ok. chill. and don’t beat yourself. the fact that he messaged on his own and told you lets connect post your holiday sounds good. there is a possibility he may try to pick up from where you guys left off albeit a little warily, or he may not connect at all. but whatever happens do not initiate any more messages with him. do not ping him when you on your holiday when your in a whimsical mood and think of him. do not initiate any kind of messaging with him. period. in the event he messages do reply. but keep it light and funny. no heavy stuff. and do not get into marathon chat sessions.

    if he messages you when your back, try to take it slow and relaxed. if he doesn’t, than just delete his number and put him out of your mind. under no circumstance should you initiate any more chat dialogues with this man. let him come to you and let him show his interest.

Viewing 4 posts - 26 through 29 (of 29 total)
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