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    So update on everything, I need things with the guy and I started focusing on myself more! If you don’t understand what I’m talking about then please go read my other post called needing Advice. You will probably have so much to say like…I’m an idiot, wtf is wrong with me, why did I even put myself in that position. And clear everything up…. I know I was stupid and did it to myself but it’s not like he was a bad guy it’s just we didn’t see things the same and it was better off that I ended what was going on between us anyways. Most guys now days only want sex and not a serious relationship, but then complain and say all girls are hoes and sleep around and they can’t find anyone loyal when in reality the loyal ones are the people they are brushing off and pushing away. Anyways, my life is full of crazy ass adventures and story’s are always happening. So I’ll keep you guys posted and hope for more great feedback! You guys are amazing, and thank you so much for helping me. -xoxo #NewsWithMia

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    Once upon a time men WERE offering marriage and being providers for their families. Women weren’t satisfied with that and started the Free Love and Feminist movements. Now that it’s backfired, women want to complain that all most men want is sex and aren’t chivalrous anymore.

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    Andrea, part of the problem is that most men actually can’t support a family anymore.

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    That’s because when women decided to toss their kids to strangers and join the workforce, the price of everything skyrocketed.

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