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    Does anyone have an answer as to why some guys do not post their pictures. They tell you they will send you one. The particular guy I am talking about is single for sure, is good looking and has posted them in the past. Just curious as to what everyones opinions are

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    All I can say is “to each their own”. Some do, some don’t, and is up to each individual to decide that for themselves.

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    I dated one guy from on line who had a very public face, on billboards, etc… prominent realtor. He just wanted to be under the radar.

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    I feels weird, since you are showing them a part of you that they don’t show you. So, I get why it feels unbalanced to you. You will start thinking they are not confident enough or are not open enough to really let someone in or that they are just plain weird.

    And some of them are… really…

    But there are also those out there who put in a piture that is not them (or not them anymore – talking about older men who can’t deal with being “more mature” – ).

    Anyway: Personally I think it’s more important what kind of a vibe you are getting from him. If it’S an unbalanced one and you don’t really feel comfortable then push that fish right back into the ocean. If you are into how he writes (and get a plausible reason) then have fun, because picture or no picture: He could be great and he could be boring/ a creep/ onehundredandthree years old ;)

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    I guess the main thing is when I see no picture, I think he’s either trying to hide something or maybe he’s just not serious. He’s on the site for some other reason. Especially when it’s been years.

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