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    Hey guys,
    This guy that matched with me online asked me what I’m looking for on this app. To be honest, I’m trying to just see who’s out there especially guys from my same university. It’d be fun to date a fellow student who is equally driven, etc. Have you had guys who ask you this? What have you normally said and is it dumb to look for love on an app??

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    I would not limit your chances of meeting someone outside your small circle (universixty) but I would be honest In what you’re looking for. Do you know what that is?

    When I was your age I was looking for adventure and fun, not a husband. If you aren’t looking to settle down then say “to experience life.” If you’re looking for a husband then say “looking for my llife partner in crime”.

    If you’re university age then know that most guys are “spreading their wild oats” and not in marriage mode which is OK as you get a see what type of men are out there and who works best for you when you are ready to get married when you reach that point. Like they say “variety is the spice of life.” 😁

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    I’m in graduate school and so I’m in between of adventure/fun and potential life partner if things work out!

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    Any advice??

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    Color me stupid. What’s wrong with being honest?

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    June, just say that. There is no wrong answer when being yourself.

    That said, think that 99.99% guys your age in college in a dating app are looking for hooking up around. Men don’t get attached through sex as often as we do. So my advice to you is to meet guys and have all the fun adventure you mention, but be careful getting intimate easily and without boundaries.

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    T from NY

    Do what you wanna do — just use protection every single time! And don’t get too impressed with men asking what you are looking for on an app. Most are just asking to see if you are DTF and exploring whether or not you’d be willing to sext them. But if you ARE looking for the potential of something real — just answer I’m not looking for a husband – but also not looking for casual. The men open to things will not run away. Beware also that sex has become much easier for men to obtain — so some men like the “challenge” of attempting to bed a woman who says she is not looking for casual.

    Mostly just have fun! Do your best to not have sex with a guy without commitment unless you give no fecks whether he calls you again the next day! Try your hardest not to have expectations too soon — assume the man is dating 20 other women until he asks to be your bf no matter how well he’s treating you. If you do this light hearted — it can be so enjoyable.

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    Anne Ohio

    The man is probably not asking that question because he really wants to know. It may be just an unimaginative conversation starter that he throws out to everyone.

    You don’t have to answer questions .

    You have maybe already put on your profile a hint about what you are looking for.

    Don’t be so scared of men. Don’t take online Communication so seriously.

    A man will want to meet you based on your pics, AND A SHORT, NON SAPPY profile.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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