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    Better off single

    I can be down to my last $10 until pay day and spend it on a naco fries meal box and a drink at taco bell still have enough left for a pack of smokes. I’m down to 3 cents and totally okay with it and my life. ☺

    I’m not walking on eggshells. I’m walking on water.

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    Better off single

    I also just found a screw in my tire. Lol.

    A “screw you” message to me?

    It made me think back to this time i was being harped on about my spending habits and my stalker slashed my tires. Like, “you need to save money bitch. Now im gonna slash your tires so you have to spend what you don’t have.”

    My needs are met until s×it like that happens. I’m happier single. I’ll get into an accident when the tire popps. At least I’m insured.

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    Better off facing reality

    People here call me crazy. They haven’t been through what i have been through. They never Heard or felt what i did. They have no understanding how much this has affected my ability to function in life. All the misunderstandings and cold shoulders for not putting up with being manipulated or controlled. I know what’s best for me. It’s not this. All I’ve been fighting for is my own sanity and to get away from this person’s presence in my life.

    I’ve tried to explain it and make people understand. This person is still trying to control me like its going to make a positive difference or something or doesnt care how much its destroying my peace of mind and glad it is. Like I’m going to be so grateful for this abuse and welcome it with open arms.

    There is not a single person I want or amount of money on earth that is worth being treated this way.

    Im happy with what I have and I will make an effort and work for what I want. Its not images or ideas of a wonderful life planted in my head and a “sucks to be you because you’re not getting it” egotistical, controlling, “I love you, but with conditions, so comply to it or else you suffer for it” bs.

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    All I did was write notes in my phone to help myself get through one of the lowest points in my life and figure out where i went wrong in my relationships and read back at how rediculous my own thoughts were. Its not my problem a lot of it was taken too personally by someone invading my privacy and writing about it on a public forum making fun of me. Who had no right to invade my privacy or do it in the first place.

    All i did was my best live my life normally and did my best to avoid getting caught up in a fantasy. Fighting lies, insecurity, stress, and being stalked with no ability to prove it or do anything about it makes living life normally really f×cking difficult.

    I did nothing wrong. Except live my life seperate from whatever the f×ck this is apparently.

    All im obsessing about is how to get it to go away and go back to the progress i was making to make my life better.

    All i did was ask for advice. Not for someone to take over my life, challenge me a little too much, try to control what i do and who i talk to.

    I just want my life back. I’m fine on my own and being around real people. I want this to go away.

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    Please go away

    I dont want to feel him anymore. I dont want him watching me anymore. I just want peace and my own life back. I cant stand it.

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