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    Anne Ohio

    You really have no common sense. You have chased and chased this punk., clinging like a dog to his bone.

    You seem so desperate for a guy, any guy. Hes a flake right from the beginning and you have played right along. Arguing as if you are a couple. You are gullible and have no standards.

    He never was worth a real womans time, yet you have encouraged his baloney at every opportunity.

    How many different ways can posters here say the same thing?

    You sound hopelessly foolish.

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    You dropped him for the fourth time?!
    & you’re wondering if you were hasty…

    * bangs head on table *

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    I’m just wondering if this is me with my trust issues again making something out of nothing.
    I have been known to do this in the past…

    But saying “i do’t care if she’s back” while over facetime is suspicious even this early. I’ll always be wondering if that’s his ex whom he was in love with and was dumped by just this past October…

    Something about him just doesn’t let me trust him. He answered the phone during both dates, but if I text he lets it sit for over an hour. or he says things like “I texted you, you didn’t respond” Then sends me a screenshot showing he did NOT respond. I feel like I”m dealing with two different people to be hoenst.

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    You’re an idiot for dealing with him at all.

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    Hey, we Can’t help it if God wasn’t fair in giving out the same amount of intelligence to everyone.

Viewing 5 posts - 51 through 55 (of 55 total)
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