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    Smarten up

    Guess dad with the mild concussion couldn’t loan him a 20?

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    The reason this thread has blown up is because it has triggered women’s primal fear of being stuck with a sub-par man. His borrowing of $20.00 sent a clear signal to women here that he is not provider material.
    I think that women are right to feel repulsed by a sub-par man. However today most men are deficient in some way and that presents a huge almost insurmountable problem for women. I think we should ask ourselves why men today are mostly uninspiring. What went wrong do you think? Are men realising ahead of women that the fruits of late capitalism are sour?

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    Smarten up

    As usual Stephen, you don’t get the point. Nothing to do with providing for her. He used her for a free date. As always you don’t get it.

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    Ohhh, is that why Stephen? Thank you…cause’ I was wondering about that.

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    So let’s get this straight…

    – you dithered about meeting him in the first place but let him persuade you
    – he didn’t like the idea of you dating others even before meeting which suggests he’s super possessive
    – he told you he had no money but you forgot and ordered some food or something?
    – he was $20 short so you paid for part but not the whole bill?
    – then he didn’t get in touch when expected to return the cash due to his dad’s injury and also didn’t respond to a text

    …. which bit are you really annoyed about?!?!?

    You’ve complained about so many things, why haven’t you just blocked him??

    You mention that he’ll be rich, it makes your motivation for seeing him sound shallow.

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    His using her for a free date triggered the OP and others to wonder what else he will take from her. Women have been getting free meals from men they have no interest in for years. Every so often I come across articles written by women gleefully boasting about all the free stuff they get from men they don’t they don’t take the slightest bit seriously as dating material. These women are not the least bit ashamed of their behaviour. No they are jubilant, exultant and giddy with delight over their Machiavellian cunning. They state that it is payback for centuries of patriarchal oppression and that more women should follow their example.

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    Making excuses for a guy you don’t know…
    * shakes head *

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    No one here wants to be a sugar mama, if a guy doesn’t have money to pay for a date then maybe he should just stick to video games or something.

    Why on earth would a decent guy “borrow” money from a woman that he just met? Red flags? Stephen, you just don’t get the point, period!

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    Which is why we ignore Stephen.

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    Why do you want to waste energy on him?

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    I would have paid my half. Left the restaurant and let him deal with the restaurant about how he couldn’t pay his portion.

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    Stephen you entirely missed the point. It is rude for anyone to show up on a first date without enough money to cover at the very least what they consumed. Also, no self-respecting man with any healthy sense of pride would show up without money – a decent guy would have cancelled until he had money or credit card available and never would have told her, someone he hasn’t met yet, in a million years he didn’t have money until he got paid.

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    So, i cut things off with him and he didn’t make it easy.He fought w me, accused me of being the liar, said I’m talking to other guys, and that this is the reason why he doesn’t meet women online. THAT reminded me he had said that in the years he’d been online he only met ONE woman. I just felt he was a liar from the beginning.

    Whats making me wonder if he’s normal is why he’s fighting with me…it was just one date and a few facetime conversations…

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    It doesn’t matter if he’s normal, if you’ve told him you don’t want to date him and he’s being a pain, just block him!

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    I’m beginning to wonder if you’re normal! There’s nothing about this that’s normal and you seem to be missing the point! He wanted to be exclusive before he met you, he came on a date with not enough cash to pay for your meal, and now you want to break things off and he accused you of being a liar and talking to other guys which you have every right to do since this was one freaking date!!

    And by the way this is the exact reason why people ghost! So you don’t have to deal with psychos reactions!!

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    Right..I dodged a bullet and apparently so did he….

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    @Sandra, what I can’t understand is why you have given him so much of your precious time and energy when he showed you pretty fast he didn’t deserve it. And you’re still doing it. What the heck do you care what he thinks of you? At every step you feed this situation that you shouldn’t have even gotten into. Stop already. If you’re going to date online you have to get better standards and refuse to participate in drama. You had plenty of evidence that he was unfit to date. Do you really not have anything better to do than spend hours video chatting with a stranger and meeting him – and loaning him money – when you knew you shouldn’t?? Sorry to scold you but seriously, you brought this on yourself and this should all be a lesson to wise up.

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    This guy meets all his women online and does the same to them that he did to you.

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    This just all seems kind of petty. I once had a guy make me pick up the whole tab… he just stood there stupidly when the check came, so I covered it. I never went out with him again, because he didn’t even thank me.

    So don’t see the guy again- I’m sure your next date will pick up the tab and the universe will right itself.

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    I have a date tonight. he set up the spot, the time, and I know I’ll be taken care of. I just have this feeling. But what’s funny is i have no connection with this guy. Not sure why the creepy ones are the ones who are able to make a connection fast. Guess desperation. Either way I’m moving on. Thanks guys!

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    I posted this same advice for ‘Melissa’

    You can’t have a bond with a stranger, someone you’ve met once.

    Have fun, relax & you may click or not with this guy tonite… That’s ok.

    There are loads of great guys out there… Take your time & the right one will come along…

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    He contacted me, agrees we should be friends for now and see where things go. But now he’s arranged two seperate dates, paid for everything and is talking about going out on the weekend, spending the entire day together. I have to admit I like him alot, we have an attraction, and he’s intelligent funny witty and cute.
    I said yes…let’s see where things go. But we are just friends, no labels as I told him I don’t want to be in a relationship right now.

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    But you do want a relationship, that’s why you were so upset and posted. What’s the point of agreeing to be just friends? That’s an open invitation for the guy to turn this into a fwb. So many women toss out there they don’t want a relationship and then attract men who don’t want one either. Then they get upset when being friends never turns into a real relationship after they fall for him.

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    So i dropped him again. This makes the 4th time. We were talking saturday morning, he mentioned having breakfast with friends. When we got on the phone to FT he was just getting food and eating. That was only an hour after we spoke. Then as we are chatting he blurts out how much he likes me (he was smoking weed) and “i don’t care if she’s back” THAT led me to ask questions.
    He gets upset and hangs up on me. calls back, apologizes, but I was getting ready to hand with friends. I texted him I’m heading out ttyl. The next day i reach out hoping he enjoys his Sunday. he says “you too.” Then I didn’t answer because I was very busy. he starts texting asking if I’m ok. I knew where this was coming from so we kind of got into a little tiff about how he questions me when I don’t answer right away, but it’s okay if he goes 15 hours without responding. Which I don’t care about. He then accuses me of ignoring his message. When he tries to prove it, he only proves I reached out. That’s when I realized something is terribly wrong and I’m dealing with a liar.

    Long story short this morning I just didni’t want to deal with him. Hanging up on me, asking if I’m ok simply because I didnt answer him…I’m tired…

    And it helps that I started seeing someone way more responsible and along my league.
    This chapter is finally

    But I’m wondering if I was hasty?

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    Hasty? To drop an immature boy of a man. Are you seriously asking that question? I think you were foolish to keep going back for more so many times.

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