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    so we went to the beach the other day and we were having a great time. Then I noticed him looking in a direction, I looked and saw this handsome guy. Then my boyfriend sort of glances more and then floats towards him. But comes back. The guy swims away and my boyfriend watched him. Then I could have sworn I saw my boyfriend saying something to him, but the guy kept swimming. Am I loosing it? Now I can’t remember if I had checked the guy out or not…but no. I remember bf focused on him. What is going on? He would mention how gay men hit on him, he’s very handsome in a rugged way, amazing body and big at 6’3. But he doesn’t give off that vibe and he loves women…

    What do I do?

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    Ask him. I never thought I would ever have to ask that question to someone I date, but I dated someone whom was bi-sexual (he told me, I didn’t ask). He, too, was big 6’2″, manly, good ole Texas boy. You never know. Gotta ask.

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    You should get a job at astro tv. You see signs no one else can see. Its a gift

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    Better off single

    I wonder since it has become more socially acceptable men are trying it out?

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    hmmm. Sounds like he could be, but as he hasn’t willingly told you he might be questioning it to himself.

    I think if you asked him outright he’d probably say No, even though his actions prove else wise.

    I dated a bi guy once. He LOVED the female form. He also loved the male form. I accepted that that’s just the way he was wired, but it proved too much for me.

    I mean, bad enough to see him checking out a beautiful woman. But for him to be checking out a handsome man made it hard for me to feel secure.

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    BTW – The relationship ended amicably because we both recognized there’s really no way to get me over my insecurities. But that’s my deal, not his.

    I love him and we remain good friends today.

    He’s living with a woman now but admitted every once in awhile he “steps out” (his phrase) to get his male fix.

    He hasn’t had the nerve to tell his gf about his true sexuality for fear she’d leave him. I yell at him all the time about it, because I think cheaters are really low class.

    But I can understand his fear since his wife divorced him when he told her, and although we are friends, it ended the romance between us too.

    I accept him. I just personally couldn’t deal.

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