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    So I have been talking to this great guy for about a month now. We have been on a couple dates and have another planned in a couple days. We met on Tinder but really had a lot in common. He asked for my number and we started texting. He is almost always the one who will text me first and he is the one that asks me out. I have only sent him one text first. I know in this forum and in the articles you are supposed to let him come to you and not be too available. I am taking this more to heart the more I like him. Is it ok every now and then to text him a flirty have a good day before he messages me?

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    I wouldn’t. Once maybe but other than that it is boring & isn’t alluring. I would not text first again – once is enough. Save that for a relationship.

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    OP, how is “have a good day” flirty? :)

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    I would say go ahead and text him first. As long as you are not texting him every hour of the day (or more than once a day unless you are in a relationship), it won’t hurt. And if you are going to be “flirty”, make sure it’s “flirty”, not just a boring “Have a nice day”. Make him intrigued and interested.

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    Yes, I’m sure he wants to hear from you first sometimes.

    Try not to overthink this. Its just a text message.

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    Men do need a bit of encouragement. They’re not robots. Let them chase but don’t be passive as they’ll feel either you’re boring don’t have much to offer or you’re not bothered about them. Of course the odd text is fine!

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    Agree with the others. Don’t send a boring have a good day text. Say something about how you’re looking forward to your date in a few days. You initiating one text in a month or two texts in a month isn’t chasing the guy.

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    Thanks ladies! I am going to text him that I look forward to our date.

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