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    Nope haven’t heard of it Stephen. I will check it out.

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    Dee you can go on like this forever. He stands you up, he ignores you, he’s nice for a while and round we go again. The fact is he’s not really into you. You can be as dramatic as you like and demand his attention as much as you like, but it’s not going to make him like you any more. He’s never going to make you happy. You know this and yet you still put yourself through this.

    Just leave him alone. Your relationship is toxic and destructive.

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    Thank you for making me realize exactly what I DONT want to be. Sorry girl.

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    Dee, i havent responded a lot either, not because im annoyed but i think you will figure things out on your own terms.
    I think the key issue here is that you have never been honest with yourself about what you want. Your actions say you are infatuated with him and need his love and yet you say youre fine with casual and pushing him away.
    Thats the root of your problem. Then you accept this guy for who he is, but not really. You are trying out all kinds of scenario’s to make him love you but all that does is create drama and cracks.
    So he told you you were a couple. You could have worker with that. But instead a few weeks later you want to break upbecause he hasnt texted in a few days, create drama and now he is fed up. Its all about expectations. You either respect the guy for who he is (flaky, but slowly opening up and maybe not that into you) or leave him alone.
    Its really not that complicated. But it starts with knowing what you want and dig until you have your real answer and respect the other side and what he does.youre doing neither

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    Too much drama in this relationship. I would just walk and analyze why you pick the men that you do….they do not make you happy.

    Find yourself.

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    Well ladies I woke up this morning with a message from him.
    “Miss you too, (called me his nickname for me ):
    Trust me 💯 (2 heart emojis)
    I feel weird I have not seen for so long, I want to see you x”

    I feel like a teenager again reading his message

    And Newbie thanks for your kind words x

    I do hear from him daily normally since our last argument, yesterday was the first he has not contact me. Or got back to me on the same day.

    And think your right – I don’t think he is that into me

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    Funny how typing words on a phone can have such a big impact and it means so little. He didn’t ask to see you, did he? Did he plan a date with you? All he said was pretty much nothing. You two are nuts. And no he isn’t that into you and probably uses your nickname with all the other women he is texting. Wow..for the record how old are you Dee?

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    Ooo lovely. Until next week then 😉

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    He didn’t ask to me cuz I told him I need time – so he knows I won’t agree to this weekend anyways.

    Yes I agree we are both nuts – me so than me though

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    You two are sick, insulting each other, texting a bunch of harsh words. Sick, toxic . This is no way to live. You clearly thrive on drama.

    Drama sucks. and creators and enablers of drama are not fun people to be around.

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    Let’s see. He ignored her and she got mad and broke up. Then she told him she didn’t want to break up but needs time to think (masterbate, eat ice cream, get drunk) so he tells her he wants to see her! And so now she thinks if she pushes him off another week he will want her more. Makes sense to me. But then I’m on a LSD trip at the moment. I could never had read all this and resounded without drugs.

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    I meant responded.. peace out, love, anyone want to be my second LDR gf?

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    I f-ing love L.

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    Omg.. I’m doing the triple post like Stephen! But wanted to say Dee, that your threads are way more entertaining than anything ‘pantomine’ Aka Stephen has ever created! Muah!

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    L pick me. I will hookup with you, then ignore you until im horny again, that sounds good with ya? ;3

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    I’ll consider it Jose, but I have standards and a waiting list, I need pics (front and back) current salary, how often you shave, and whether or not you are into daily texting… ya know . The good mornings and good nights.

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    I’m in love with L

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    Bruh you caused all this mess and post about it every day. Get over it, move on.

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    Well ladies little update – during the weekend – I played it cool – he checked up on me – told me “he was missing bad”

    Told him “I miss him too”

    That was Sunday

    Today he asked “if I was free to meet”

    I said “not today”

    He said okay

    Okay someone said “I was punishing” on where can’t remember who

    And you know what – that person was right – I hated the fact he took the piss with me and wanted him pay.
    Call me egotistic but it feels kinda nice – that the ball is on my court now.
    I doubt he will stand me up again – anytime soon
    Next time I am available to him – he will appreciate it.
    But there is a side of – feels I won’t agree to see again – I don’t think I can trust his flakiness

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    Who gives a rat’s ass. You’re in no position to call anyone flaky.

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    Ok… but last time you said you were available he stood you up. So are you saying that by telling him you aren’t available he is boo hooing? Or did he just move on to the next woman?

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    I would never call anyone batsh*t crazy…but… but…if the shoe fits..

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    L if he moves on to the next woman – well good luck to her – we will only know if he asks me again- cuz sure hell I won’t be asking to see him.

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    L if he moves on to the next woman – well good luck to her – we will only know if he asks me again- cuz sure he*l I won’t be asking to see him. I will be sad if he doesn’t ask me again this week though but the fact I turned him down kinda helps.

    He said – he had every intention of coming that night and he really wanted to see me but it just didn’t happen for him – he still haven’t told me what’s happened and I haven’t pushed for it

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    Then why are you gloating that he sends you useless text messages , stands you up, and ask to see you for sex last minute? Trust me. He has more than you in play which is why he ignore you half the time. For some reason you seem to think he is hung up on you, like you are with him . Yes this flakiness just means you aren’t important and he has other action on the side. You responding to his texts just boosts his game and ego. Because if you really didn’t care you would just ignore his messages. For some reason you think you have the upper hand but you don’t. Especially because next week when you finally cave and agree to see him, he will flake on you again. That’s what he is doing. Just setting you up for another let down and you are too foolish to even realize it. You never have the upper hand when the other person isn’t as into you as you are for them. He’s toying with you, not the other way around. Have a nice lonely weekend.if you were half smart you would just drop this game and find a man that is really into you. But you won’t because for some reason you could t handle healthy and normal. You live for drama.

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