Not sure if he wants marriage or not.

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    Ok….. been with my bf for 3 yrs. we started living together for a half a year now. He asked me if I’d marry him even if he didn’t have a ring. I said yes I would but later told him in a calm manner that I’d like it if he proposed in some way with a ring and the ring doesn’t have to be real.
    Fast forward to about 5 months later and him and I got into a small argument about something petty which is why I don’t remember it. But he told me while we were arguing that he said you know what I don’t want to get married and I was never going to buy the rings. I was mad of course but I just took his word for it. So after that night the next day he was being sweet and wanted to talk and told me that he still wants to marry me but just when we both are settled in better jobs and in a home together. ( we live in an apartment that we both rent). Also we talked about having kids but we agreed to have them later in our early to mid 30’s. My question is??? Do I take what he said about not wanting to get married to heart or the other where he said he still wanted to marry me?
    As for me I’m not one to bug about marriage nor is it a must in my book. If I get married fine if I don’t then fine. I’m happy with how we are regardless but I just wanted some thoughts on this but I mainly want a guys point of view on this.

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