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    I removed a lot of words. What should I do?

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    I was dating a man for almost a year. I often used to feel that he is keeping some girls warm by liking or commenting on their pics on social media that are a kind of revealing. He denied that. Last time we had an argument he promised he won’t do any such thing as to make me feel this way while in return I won’t accuse him without evidence. In this course, I asked him to disconnect from one particular girl from all the social media as she was stalking him & me. He did disconnect from Instagram and told me that he has disconnected everywhere. Today, after three months of that I realized that he has not from and maybe still chats with her on the phone as I am he has her number.

    I brought it up today and he said I am blaming him and he has broken up with me. I know you all will say leave him and drop him and move on but I already have sent him several messages telling him how he is a cheater, he has betrayed my trust and he finds this girl worthy of ruining our relationship! Also apologized for accusation and asked to give me a proper closure, basically acted way too unreasonable. I called him a few times which he ignored then left him a voice message requesting to speak. I would not let a friend do all this but I was hurting so bad and lost all self-control. I would also stay quite at this point and not do anything more but I am feeling like he did something for which I should be angry or at least maintain my anger whereas he has dumped me. I do need to have a calm chat with him and say something so I do not feel so sorry for myself.

    With all this, I am not able to focus on important work or eat any food. I am so stressed. Has someone ever dealt with a situation like this? I really love him I think.

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    Managed to post. Please see the second post in this thread. Thanks

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    What is your objective here, to have ‘closure’ or get back together with him?

    If you talk to him, and tell him that you’re hurt – he knows
    Tell him that he’s a cheater – he knows
    That he Went behind your back – he knows

    Another thing, people don’t owe you closure. You think this final talk with him is what you need, but what if he is unwilling to participate in this ‘closure’ one on one talk? It hurts, but everyone has the right to handle a breakup in their own way. If he’s truly finished with you and the relationship, then he doesn’t owe you a reason or take part in a ‘closure’ meeting, no matter how much you need it.
    Chances are, he sounds like that type of guy who wouldn’t
    Another thing, when somebody breaks up with you suddenly, they usually have been thinking about breaking up with you for awhile

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    Why are you even still calling this pathetic liar and a cheater? You need to be long gone.

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