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    Mad at U for blocking it

    So i get the whole no contact rule is to basically forget someone and keep moving on with your life.

    What if it was with a guy you had slept with and had no exclusivity to? What if it was never defined what you were but walking down that path seeing where it goes? What if you had never felt so comfortable with that person, you didn’t care where they were at in their life because you were both at the same place in it?

    What if you did continue moving on with your life, had no hard feelings toward the person, because you know they weren’t really in a good place at the time and they contacted you a few weeks later?

    I really don’t want to be out of contact with this guy, he messaged me, and I somehow lost the message. I blocked him, realized it was immature, and unblocked him. We messaged a little after that and just kind of stopped talking. I blew up over a misunderstanding and he backed off.

    I miss him. I want to see him again so bad. I don’t know what happened.

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    This isn’t an ex – it’s a person you’re infatuated with. The “no contact rule” isn’t really a thing here.

    Asking about that is just a ninja smokebomb distraction from the actual question, which is: Should I be putting emotional energy into being infatuated with a person who isn’t interested in me?

    You already know it’s not worth it! Find something that will help push him out of your mind and deflate the imagined scenarios.

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    Better off single

    There are no imagined scenarios and it was worth it to me. I know he probably isn’t good for me. Yes I am infatuated but it’s based off of a gut feeling. I have no other way to describe it.

    I actually reached out to him. He was nice about it and let me down gently.

    I can move on now.

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