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    I posted under the main forum and only got one response. I’m trying to date with dignity and self respect and only high quality guys. I met one that I’ve had 2 dates with and they were great. I really like a lot about him so far. My question is — our next date isn’t for almost two weeks as he has his kids 50 percent of the time — but he is not a person who contacts in between. Do you think him not trying to see me a couple of times while he has the chance other than Friday (we work literally 2 min away from each other) and him not contacting much (except to set up the dates) means he has low interest?

    I just don’t know how you’re supposed to genuinely explore something with 3 dates in 4 weeks and little to no communication in between. And no he’s not married. I know people who know him.

    If I should be patient and wait till more dates to expect more contact I will listen to that advice.

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    PS The last two dates he followed up the day before with complete plan and meet up time. He has been consistent in what he says.

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    Are you seeing or at least meeting other guys?

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    si si

    This is not enough info to determine his interest level… be patient and let him show the answer to you

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    You should continue dating other men. I don’t think I would be ok with this situation. Its OK to go meet him when the time of your date comes. It may or may not change later. If the situation still does not make you happy then at least you didn’t waste your time waiting for him.

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    Think of him as an option.. That’s what I do with men like this.. They may step up in time or they may not.

    If you think of him as an option, you won’t get frustrated and have expectations. That’s the best thing to do when you meet men like this. Don’t have expectations of what they should be doing. They’re going to do what they want anyway..

    Continue looking for other men until one steps up big time.

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    Yes. Definitely seeing others. Just haven’t hit it off with someone like that in a while. And it’s not like I’m wanting an insta-relationship — I just want interest to be shown and if I’m excited I want to know he is too

    I’ve decided to wait to see when he reaches out and confirms details of 3rd date. If he does I’m going to suggest a phone call in between.

    Until then — continuing to date

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    “I know”… I’m dating a man like this too.. I seem to do better with him when I let him do the work. What else can you do when the one you like(who is like this) is the best of all you are dating??

    Nothing.. You just have to let them come to you.

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    I agree that keeping him as an option and thinking of him as an option is the way to go. One of several options. Otherwise you’d feel crappy all the time LOL

    He is probably seeing other women in between those dates with you. That’s why he takes 2 weeks between dates. And he is not texting much because he doesn’t want to invest effort into something that ge might decide to drop soon.

    Give him time, let him decide, and in the meantime, you do the same. The less anxious you are, the more interested he’d be.

    I would not suggest any phone calls, this will be “asking”. I’d let him lead. If he wants to see you more often, he’d start calling or texting. Be patient. Patience is one thing most women lack. Those who are lucky to have it and who can actually use it, always do well with men. LOL

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    Emma hit the nail on the head!

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    2 weeks between dates is perfect for me in the early stages, and random chit chat is intrusive and creates false intimacy. Maybe he should date me, hahahaha.

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    I’ve been in this exact situation to which I got fed up because I liked him!!! You have two choices.. tolerate the lack of contact and continue to date him speradically because it’s highly likely he is dating others and investing his time in them or just can it and move on! If the lack of communication doesn’t work for you then why continue with him if it may annoy you down the line?! I hate all this ‘treat him like an option’ it’s so much work. Dating is just a big fat game nowadays. He’s either into you showing up and making a real effort or he’s just not worth it!

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    Look at him this way- he’s a low effort option for you. If you like the dates, keep going when he asks you out. If you want a texting buddy, date another guy who texts.

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    Keep dating others. He may not be available enough to date right now and that’s okay.

    Meeting others gives the opportunity to find someone who meets your needs.

    In the end if he wants to see you more he will make himself more available to do so.

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