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    Hey i have been seeing this guy for a month and 2 weeks, things have been going well for us and he has been opening up for me about his life. i slept at his place on Sunday and i had a nightmare i scratched him with my nail mistakenly because i was in a dream. i apologised about it it was not intentionally he asked my dream but unfortunately i don’t remember what the dream was about, but since then he has been acting strange and does not call if i don’t. I need advice

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    one guy told me that he stopped seeing a girl cause when he woke up in the middle of the night she was staring at him and he got scared
    maybe your guy got scared too

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    How bad was the scratch?

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    don’t think there is any connection to that dream. seems hes losing interest. what you should do is not initiate contacts for some days and see how things go. does he get in touch if you don’t? does he make plans to meet etc. try it for 2/3 weeks. if he doesn’t bother much thn you will have your answer.

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    Not bad but i have long nails the cut was visible when he showed me but its just a scratch, the fact that it happened in my sleep while dreaming shocked him.
    Note im in South africa different time frames
    i just received his text now and it reads as follows

    Hi i hope you had a good morning just want to check up on u, don’t have airtime so i can hear that sexy voice of yours.

    to my surprise he was never short of airtime to call me and what happened to goodmorning messages on Whatsapp?

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    Ok- Cindy-you are making yourself crazy here by overthinking-! I will guess that your relationship is just fine,but your insecurity will cause trouble if you don’t get a handle on it! Just stop..

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    Is this the first time you’ve slept over at his place? Also did you wake at the time you scratched him or not find out until the morning?

    You may have freaked him out a little, but you’ve already apologized, so short of telling him you’ll cut your nails so this won’t happen again, what else can you possibly do?

    Peggy is right that if you start getting insecure and looking at every little thing as a sign he’s lost interest and start acting weird and crazy you will probably have a self fulfilling prophesy! Just act normal. He’s talking about your sexy voice and checking in with you so flirt back!!!

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