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    I don’t have a relationship problem, but I just want others opinions on why guys are so needy. I’ve noticed this with several guys I’ve dated.

    Example: They message you in the morning “Good morning beautiful. How’s your morning going?”. You reply, then 2 hours later, “how’s your day going?”. You reply, then 2 hours later “What are you up to?”. You reply, 2 hours later “I hope the rest of your day is goes well (kissing emoji).” Then 2 hours later “How was your day? What are you doing tonight?”.

    Umm how many times per day are you going to repeat what you already said. It frustrates me. Like, do you need to know what I’m doing every hour of the day? LOL

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    Have you slept with him yet?

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    They aren’t needy, they are just using the easy way to keep you e tethered. How hard is it to sent a lame text? For most women they are like Pavlov dogs and crave that low level of attention. Men know this. It’s much more effort for a guy to call you or take you on dates. Yet they know they can string a woman along with a few text messages.

    Most women in here complain if they don’t hear from a guy by text every few hours.

    How often does this guy actually invest real time with you?

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    You are complaining because a guy is giving you attention?

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    It’s hard to tell if they’re naturally like that or because of assuming that is what’s expected.

    Or what if they know that nothing’s exclusive so they have to try hard to win the girl’s attention/loyalty from other “competitors” *shudder*

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    Dee – it’s not about one guy in particular. I’ve dated several that do this.

    L- Yes, I am, because I have a life, and don’t feel like I need to update a guy every other hour with what I’m doing. 1-2 texts/day and a phone call at night keeps me satisfied. I like to be with them in person much more than caring if he texts me or not.

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    Its because they are boys, not men

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    Dangerouse – Haha so true!

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    I’ve had this before too. Drove me insane! Just carry a conversation or don’t text until you have something interesting to say.

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    Texting is such a waste of time. Unfortunately most men use it to keep you enticed instead of taking you on real dates and spending time. He could be texting you and 10 other women at the same time. Means nothing.

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    When I meet a guy from now on, I’m going to say, “Sorry I don’t have time to text much, so if I don’t answer you that’s why. The best way to reach me is to call and I would love to talk with you that way.” I’ll see if he actually follows through. Haha.

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    I tell guys like that “I am not a big texter”, and just leave it to them to make plans. I HATE HATE HATE the “WRUD?” texts, I’m at work, what do you think I’m doing?

    I think some men think women like this (as evidenced here, some women LOVE the all day long attention) and many are relieved when you tell them to back off on texting.

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    It would drive me nuts too. However I wouldn’t necessarily conclude he was needy. He may just be doing what he thinks you want.

    I used to just explain that I don’t like texting unless it’s to confirm or arrange dates or for some other functional purpose, e.g. to tell me something I will really want to know or ask me something he needs to know. If it then continued it was a deal breaker. I didn’t want to date someone who doesn’t listen or who is controlling.

    I once went on a date with a senior(ish) policeman who texted me next day about meeting up again, but then kept going on with the texts. I replied to a couple then said “I’m about to go into a meeting, I’ll be putting my phone on silent, I’ll sign off now until I see you”. When I came out an hour later had over 30 texts. The first few were asking questions about my meeting, then he started to say things like “I’m worried that you’re not responding, are you OK?”, then they became “If you don’t reply I’m going to send a policeman round to your office to check you’re OK”. Needless to say he got one more text from me and no more dates!

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    Jo – I dated a cop also earlier this year and he was obsessed with texting. Probably because he’s keeping up with so many girls :0

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    I don’t think this one had time to text anyone else, he was bombarding me so much :(

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    Guys who only want sex do that.

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