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    I have been hanging out with this guy for two weeks and talking to him for 4 weeks. We talk/ text everyday when he wakes up and when he gets off work like clockwork. I was 2 hours out of town and he came to see me which was nice. My best friend was with me and they seemed to get along well which is nice and she liked him. However, I am nervous about not knowing what this means. Last night he brought up that he was dating a girl for 2 months and she went crazy on him. He met her from the same dating app we met on. So he said he was a little reluctant on trying again. Then he says jokingly, “You’re not crazy, are you.” Obviously, I said no. I am wondering if he is seeing me in that spot where we are “dating” or heading that way.
    I asked a close guy friend of mine and he said that a guy will not drive 2 hours on his only day off to see someone he is not interested in. My friend thinks it sounds pretty official that were “dating” but, who knows. Also, I am not the one to ask “What are we.” Just looking for some insight I guess on the situation.

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    I think he is definitely interested because like your friend said, no one would drive all that way if they weren’t interested. Maybe he is a little hesitant after his last dating experience but thats his issue not yours. I’d say if you talk everyday and he keeps visiting you, it is heading the right way.

    I don’t think it means you’re together but you’re definitely dating. For now, just have fun with him and enjoy your life and in another month or two then maybe he will be thinking about making it something more and may talk about being exclusive or official if you’re not going to bring it up. For now, just enjoy this fun time of getting to know each other :)

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    Thank you Nicole!! I appreciate it immensely

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    I’d be careful with this guy. He cites some other girls who suddenly went crazy on him after 2 months. For no reason, of course. I am not buying this, and your alarms should have gone off. It is never a good sign.

    Why are you only thinking whether he is interested in you? Why don’t you observe him first and then decide if YOU are interested in him. Why long distance?

    He said he was reluctant to try again and yet he is there. Do not be that gullible, do not believe every word a man is telling you, use your judgement and observe him.

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    It’s too early to define the relationship. You hardly know each other yet. Take another month or two to learn more about him, and decide if he’s someone you even want to date!

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    I would be careful. When a guy says things like that it is often a step up for why he doesn’t want a relationship. He will bring it up and say that he is “scared” or “just not ready”. As for driving 2 hours, it means he is attracted to you. He wants to date you at least long enough to get sex but it does not mean he wants a relationship. If I were you, I would ask him on your next date what he is looking for. Just be casual and say you are “curious”. My guess is he will say something about being scared and not really being ready for a relationship.

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