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    I’ve been seeing an ex-boyfriend again after many years apart. Amicable split and we remained in contact. Neither of us married or had children. So, we are seeing each other again but I do have to say things are a little strange this time around. He introduces me to new people as his “wifey” like I’m the only woman that has mattered to him. He tells people that I’m his girlfriend but we are not together. So what’s the problem you ask? The problem is we see each other maybe once a week, but we already know each other well as we had a two year relationship. I ask him questions like, “do you want to spend time with me cause I don’t feel like you do” and he answers back that he does but he has a lot going on (which he does, I’ve confirmed) and he likes that I don’t hold back my feelings—which I thought was a little strange to say.
    I love and have a deep respect for this man. He is kind, honest, and a loyal friend. My question is do I get out of my own head about what’s not happening (no progression) and just enjoy the ride or do I push for just a little more time?

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    You’re a wifey? Is that the definition of once a week sex?

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    L–We are not having sex (I won’t) so that definition does not apply.

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    Sounds like you are just platonic friends who meet up once in a while,

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    The term “wifey” is designed to give naive women the feeling they matter to a man more than they do. Unless he works days and you work nights (or vice versa) then he’s making a lame excuse for only seeing you once a week. There is no way a man falling in love would risk the woman meeting some other dude who is willing to give her more attention. I say this with caring: please stop being gullible.

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