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    Hello ladies,

    anyone from Europe? I moved here a couple of months ago. I have met men who seem interested in me but never make the move to ask me out. Once i actually went out with a guy and he seemed like a really great guy opening doors and all. I asked if he wanted to hang out again, he said yes. So we did. We went to a bar and he insisted on paying, walking me home and he gave me a goodbye kiss on the cheek European-style. In person, he seems so attentive and curious. He even once told me he finds me extremely attractive and sexy with brains. Now, this guy never initiates anything but if i suggest something, he’ll happily agree and insist on paying. He doesn’t even call or text first either. My female colleagues at work told me that they “chased” their husbands, asking them out and stuff until the men started to initiate themselves. The only ones that chase lived in places like America before moving back and act like players!

    Same for dating sites, seems like you need to drive the conversations otherwise it ends. I get a lot of men liking my profile and sending introductory messages but for some reason, they cannot continue the flow.

    Is this really a norm? I am so tired of doing all the work. Is there any way of getting European men to do the actual chasing??? I am 36 and so mostly “talk” to me 35 and older.

    Any advice on how to deal with these kinds of men and dating scene?

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    if there are men who know this attitude, please help.

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    “Europe” is a big place. Can you specify a country or at least a region please??

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    True. Country: Poland

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    Dating as an activity has never been very popular in the Netherlands and i assume i other european countries as well. Like guys asking for a phone number? Doesnt happen. Obviously now we also use dating app but when it comes to men on there, is the same type of looking not buying type.
    Most couples just randomly meet and when they go out and hook up, youre automatically and item. So not much good news. When i comes to polish guys you can wave a bottle of vodka in front of them. Lol no im kidding here.
    So in a culture where its not the norm to chase women, you have to knudge a little

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    Use google. There are many websites that provide lots of details on dating polish men.

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    No no no. I’m European, lived in different places in Europe and I know Poland well too. And I hate stereotypes, but some things are cross-cultural. If a (Polish) man is into you, he will take initiative. Maybe Americans come off more strongly, but in Poland too, men can be very decisive, they know how to use phones and how to arrange dates. I actually find Polish man much more straightforward than, say, Britts. Remember it’s a conservative, Catholic country… gender roles are well divided in Poland. One problem may be, though, if you’re American, that they are intimidated by you, or there is a language barrier.

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    I am Polish and trust me if a Polish guy wants you , you will know, they don’t like being chased in fact they are scared of it.
    however depends where in Poland you are, most Polish men have started being more like their western mates, more into casual thing than looking for a gf or wife.

    also in Poland you generally don’t date foreign women or men , if he is from traditional polish family, his family wouldn’t accept you

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    oh! that sucks to hear!

    I am American but very conservative and believe men should do the chasing.

    Foreign men are chasing Polish women and the women are loving the chase and dating them. Polish men are annoyed with foreigners for “stealing” their women. Polish men are just basically “staring” at foreign women and happy to say “yes” to dates and then retreat to their cocoon until they are asked again.

    Guess i moved to the Perfect country!

    I live in Warsaw BTW.

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    well, in Warsaw it shouldn’t be that bad. Warsaw is basically like any other European capital, cosmopolitan and international enough. and I know several couples where one of the partners is Polish and their families have no problem with that. I honestly think that some men may be intimidated by you – Eastern Europe is still under a big ‘wow America’ impression, but of course, this shouldn’t be the case with self confident and secure men.

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    I have a friend in Warsaw and most men in the capital are looking for a fling not for a relationship. it is true they are probably more open to date foreign women and like you pointed out, polish women are more keen to date foreign men, you don’t often see a polish guy dating a foreign lady
    I would say it could be a cultural difference that is scaring them off or maybe in their heads they know that you will eventually move away?
    Most Polish guys are also very possessive and controlling they believe women should do the cooking cleaning and all that . So maybe they know you are too ‘free’ to to those things for a man?

    saying that I am Polish and I wouldn’t date Polish guy.

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