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    I’ve split up with my boyfriend and i am not taking it well at all….

    We started arguing a week ago, over something stupid. He said some nasty things and once it had blown over i wasn’t giving in easily. He said he loved me, then would start being aggy and rude again because i wasn’t giving in. He said i was starting arguments and i said i wasn’t i just wanted him to understand..

    Anyway, so two days ago we were arguing but it stopped and i said we just need to move on now. He agreed and things were fine. He told me he loved me and didn’t want to lose me. Fastforward a few hours he turned again and started being nasty..

    He said last night he loved and missed me and now after arguing this morning he has blocked me and changed his number. I am so lost right now. I don’t know what to do..

    I’m sure he suffers from BPD but i don’t want to jump to the conclusion as its not been diagnosed yet. He said some awful stuff, that i’m the worst girl he’s had, ugly, etc.. I know some of its out of anger, but im scared he’s that annoyed he’ll never come back. He’s neve changed his number before. He’s never been stubborn with me for this long.

    I am truly broken. I have no way of contacting him – just to add he owes me money too!

    I would never get back with him but i need closure and i also need my money..

    Is he overreacting or is this truly it?

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    Also to add! im struggling to come to terms with it especially as im in lockdown. I have no one to turn to. My friends didn’t know the ins and outs of our relationship so no one will understand. I’m so low right now

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    Are you sure you dont want him back because you already are making excuses for his behaviour. He sounds aweful, on the abusive side and if you have put up with this for a while already you need help to really let him go for good. Reconnect with your friends would be a start.
    Let this guy go and start to love yourself. Let the money go too if that would prevent you from moving on

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    You dont need closure from him but you do need closure from yourself in the sense why you let this guy walk all over you.

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    He is an **s. Please move on.

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    Accept the fact you won’t get your money back and be grateful you are out now. I dated a bpd guy for eight months..who lived off of me and was a master manipulator. Also verbally and physically (not often) abusive. Sorry you are going through this but trust me you won by getting away from him! Its time for you to work on yourself now! Self esteem, etc. :)

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