My girlfriend broke up with me because she said she didn't feel it anymore

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    I’m going to write the full story here to create the best picture possible.

    My girlfriend broke up with me and I really need advice what to do.

    It all started about 3 years ago. Before there was any kind of connection with my ex, and she even was dating someone else. I slept with her sister but this was a one off. There were no feelings or whatsoever involved.

    Then after a few months my ex girlfriend became single, and I got to know that she had an intreset in me. Curious as I was I contacted her, and since then we never stopt talking to each other. We started a relationship, but she knew from the start what happened with her sister, she already knew before we even started talking to each other.

    Our first year together was really nice, we had some ups and downs because she went to college and I’m kind of a jealous person, but we managed to keep it going and we still loved each other.

    After about a year there was the first break up. She is an overthinker and kept thinking about the fact that I slept with her sister before having a relationship with her. She told me she wanted to break up and so we did. After 3 hours she contacted me again because she regretted it immediately and wanted to talk. We got back together.

    The following months were really nice, but to be honest the intimacy faded. We still both wanted to sleep with each other, but for some reason it just didn’t happen.

    She started having doubts, but still was happy.

    This year in march (so just before we were together 2 for 2 years). She broke up with me a second time. She told me she wanted to be young and free, and needed to find out who she was. (She is 19 at this point and I’m 23). I could understand the fact that she wanted to discover herself and enjoy her young years, but never ever told her she couldn’t go out or go and have fun with friends so she could actually enjoy being young.

    We got back together again after a week. She told me she was really happy and kept telling me she loved me. We still kept doing everything for each other and kept enjoying each others company.

    Now 2 months later she broke up with me again because according to her the spark wasn’t there anymore. She told me the relationship had burned out on her side, but I can still feel she cares and all. It’s only been 4 days but she already contacted me to see if I was okay with her comming to an event where I would go.

    I miss her and still love her, and a part of me still wants to get back together with her.

    We went through so much together. She struggled with being happy and at some point almost tried cutting herself as an escape from her thoughts. I came home with her from a vacation because she wasn’t feeling happy and needed to set herself straight again.

    Any thoughts??

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    Anne Ohio

    Get to the bottom line. Too long

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    I think you’re both incredibly young and a break up is probably for the best. Time heals x

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    sorry to be brutal, but honestly man she broke up with you 3 times and you still want her? why would you want someone who doesn’t want you? she is playing with you
    leave and never look back

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