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    My boyfriend last contacted me on Saturday night. We usually talk every day or every other day. He went to a party and I can see that he was online subscribing to youtube channelks the next day but I haven’t heard from him. I sent him a good morning text Sunday morning and have had no reaponse. I sent “all good in the hood” text last night and nothing. What the hell?

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    Anon 2

    If you’ve been together 3 years why not PHONE and ask him what the hell is going on

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    We dont usually call, unless getting bits about town rtc but ok i will call. I don’t also want to crowd him if he needs some space but I am worried about him. We were totally ok. How long ahould I give it before I call? I texted him last night

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    Amy S

    Phone him already. That’s ridiculous after 3 years.

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    Are you concerned for his will being it his fidelity?

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    I dont think he’s the cheating type but who knows. I am worried for his safety yes. Everything was great. We went to a gig Friday night and he stayed over and had a ball. i had work the next day and he texted me first, telling me how hungover he was and sending me funny videos and that hes off to a party. Nothing since.

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    Anon 2

    Phone him whenever you like. If he’s your boyfriend and you’re exclusive you should be able to phone whenever you please

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    A bf of three years and you are posting here and not just calling him or going to his home.

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    I called and there’s no answer. What do i do now? I was thinking of sending this if i dont hear from him by the end of today

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    Ok. He is at work at the minute. I’ll call him tonight. This is odd. I dont even know why I feel weird about calling hum.

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    I called him an hour ago, phone rang out. What do i do now?

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    He’s not lying in a ditch somewhere?

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    So Gladys and Joesy area the same person …

    Well you can just go over there and confront him. You know he’s ok physically but now to want to know why he’s avoiding you.

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    Who are all these fake people posting fake threads that can’t even keep a handle straight?

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    Ha im not gladys! He replied saying hes worried “about something and his head is all over the place and he’ll tell me when he sees me”.

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    That’s awesome. I wish you guys success

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    Hmmm…. perhaps worried because he hooked up with someone while drunk and he doesn’t know yet if he’s persuaded her to never tell a soul or whether he has to come clean…

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    i doubt it, although he might not have good news

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    Sooooo. Update on this. I am freaking out and I need to be calmed down. I replied to him saying to take as much space as you need and to let me know when he’s ready to talk. Its been 4 days since he contacted now and i dont know whether to call again or leave it? What is this?

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    very respectful man, after 3 years he is treating you like this. I wouldn’t even bother, he doesn’t deserve you

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    I am literally sick with worry. What the hell like

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    Are you retarded? You said he replied to you in on July 10. How is that four days ago?

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    None of this sounds good right now. Since you have a 3 year relationship i would text him to call you when its convenient for him so he cal tell you whats going on with him.
    The text he sent you earlier would make me mad honestly. But you need to know what is going on first

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    No I just updated it the next day jerkface. He hasnt messages me since Tuesday and it is now Friday.

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