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    Hi everyone,

    So I have been with by bf 8 months. I have really fallen for him.However I am not sure he feels the same for me. I mean I have meet all his family, we spend a lot of time together, however he has not said he loves me and doesn’t complete me very much at all. One reason I doubt his feelings for me, and something that is starting to become a problem in our relationship, is he is in love with Taylor Swift. I know this might sound really silly and a lot of ppl laugh when I say this but hear me out.

    When I first meet him, before we were dating, he mentioned how much he loved her and said that he seriously dreams of meeting her one day and getting together. I thought this sounded really silly and childish, but he seemed serious.

    He follows her on Instagram and is always talking about her, gets insanely excited when her songs come on etc. The way he talks about her to is much more than simply thinking she is pretty or talented. He goes on about how she is a really great person. Talks a lot about her as a person and how she is morally superior to other celebrities. He talks about how because he is 6’2 he would be one of the few men tall enough to date her etc. There is not a day that goes by where I don’t here something about Taylor Swift.

    I get that we all have celebrity crushes but this seems different. It is like I am somebody he is with because he can’t or doesn’t yet have Taylor Swift. I have no doubt he would leave me for her if he could. So basically what holds us together is that he has no chance? And sometimes he seriously seems to think he will one day have a chance to date her.I know this is totally dumb and I don’t believe it but it bothers me that he might. We are not kids by the way either, He is 29 and I am 31.

    Any advice?

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    Amanda Rocks

    I think Taylor Swift would probably date him. She comes across as a needy, desperate chick. Why dont you suggest this to him and leave them alone…..

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    Hi-At 31,I would not be wasting my time with Mr. Immature-he also sounds like he has the potential to turn “stalker”. This would be a deal breaker for me and I would look for a man that lives and dates in reality and focuses on you,not some fantasy woman.

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    Sigh. Everybody I have told this to acts like its a joke. But it is serious to me. Should it be? Okay so maybe he will never meet her but isn’t it normal for me to hurt knowing by bf has such strong feelings for another woman. Or am I the one being childish? Should this not matter at all?

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    Thanks Peggy I didn’t see your comment before I posted mine above. It helps to know another person sees this as a deal breaker. He is the first man I have ever been in love with. I love him so much and here he is loving a celebrity. I do not myself act needy or complain about this. I usually just ignore it when he talks about her because I don’t want to come across ad needy.

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    Funny. I have a crush on Pink.

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    OMG… I was thinking this guy was 15!

    You might want to sing ‘Picture to Burn’ as you dance out the door…

    Being straightforward, setting limits & telling someone to knock it it off is not being needy.

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    This guy sounds very immature. Does he talk to other people about TS too?

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    You are welcome Pink. Besides weird,if you think about ,it,it is just plain rude to constantly be talking about another person,romantically when he is with you. Whether it is a celebrity or the gal next door-it is just crap behavior.
    Tell him this is not working for you and MOA.

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    Tell him you feel it’s time to gracefully step aside to make way for Tay-Tay. This is a major turn-off. If we see in the news some 6’2 guy got arrested for stalking her, we’ll know we heard it here first!

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    My brother has a huge ‘crush’ on a formula 1 racer. His wife allows him to talk about him 5 minutes a day lol. But well in their case its funny. In your case not so much. You are settlling for a guy who youre not even sure cars that much about you. His behaviour is ridiculous. Time to say goodbye to mr swift and find another guy

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    Actually this is more common than you think. Hence all the people who think the grass is greener on the other side. It is fantasy.

    Fantasy is not a bad thing until it is taken too far.

    Personally, I would not want a man who is like this. I want a man who dreams about me.

    You have a decision to make here. I know what I would do.

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    i think this is pretty common, your guy is a fan

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    Could I have his number?

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    this is the story
    of how we met
    one night i was bored
    on the internet
    i saw a posting
    on a site i knew
    it spoke of me, babe
    it spoke of you

    next thing i remember
    i read your height
    i told my friends, yeah
    that you were alright
    i got your number
    and you got mine
    just call me baby
    for a real good time

    I am not done yet, but when it’s finished I am thinking about getting Kanye to do the remix.

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    I don’t know how you’ve lasted this long with such an immature, border-line stalker guy! You are the woman we hear of in the news who is quietly supporting their stalker husband/boyfriend vs some harassed celebrity! And you just wonder, WHY stupid people, WHY?!!!

    Get some respect for yourself and date a guy who’s all about you! Sure it’s normal to have celebrity crushes, but normal people know they are dumb and would never rave on about them or become so obsessed they’re alienating their partner!!! He sounds like a total weirdo. I would’ve dumped him the moment I realized how dumb he sounded and it sounds like you knew this from VERY early on…

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