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    I have been dating this guy for 5 months, things are progressing very slowly. We tried to meet at least once a month due to busy work schedules. The thing is, this month his mom is visiting him from another country so he can’t see me until the end of the month, but I have multiple obligations (work and personal) until July. While I want to make time for him, but I can’t just cancel my previous obligations. We are still communicating over texting and I understand his mom comes first (he is Asian) which is totally fine. However, I feel that his mom doesn’t like me, she wants someone who is young and the same race for him. He and I both are 36’s years old, at my age having kids may not be a smart thing to do health-wise and I’m not sure that I want to have a kid. He also mentioned to me that he wants to move back to his country when he gets older, this is something that I can’t do because of the culture and language issue. Should I just break up with this person? He is a nice guy and sweet, but the future doesn’t look too good for me.

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    Hi Kim Neither of you seem to have time to make dating a priority,either with each other or anyone. There is slow, and then “near standstill” which seems to be where you are at. If you really want a relationship, I would forget this guy and work towards freeing your schedule to make more time for dating.

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    When has 36 YO become too old to have children?!

    I think you need to find someone compatible who has the same life goals…

    Why continue dating someone who has said he’s moving out of the country?

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    What’s to break up? A man you probably had two or three dates with?

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    You only see him once a month? This whole things is going nowhere.

    Find someone else who has time to date. No one is that busy.

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