Mixed signals

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    Already complicated situation, after 3 years my exes friend messages me saying how he has always liked me always will. I was concerned about their friendship but he reassured me it was fine. He gave me time to think about it. He said he always wanted to tell me but he was trying to find the time and didnt want to scare me off.he felt like i could be good for him and vice versa. So we hung out, he and I agreed it went well and planned to hang out again. Talking on a daily basis. Up until recently when he replies maybe once a week. He had to cancel plans due to some family issues which I understand but now he hasn’t asked to reschedule and is again, not messaging me. Now I’m not sure why someone would come out after 3 years to tell someone something like that and then to stop talking. I haven’t asked him what was up with it because I don’t want to push it. Not sure if I should call it a loss or give him space. I am an overthinker so I might just be overanalyzing.

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    he liked you so he asked you out. you agreed to meet. and you guys hung out few times. no great mystery here. most probably he dint quite feel it. his actions don’t show that he is that into you. I guess this is just like a normal dating scenario. you go on dates hang out and then figure if you want to get into a relationship. guess he didn’t quite feel it. just forget him and don’t get too serious about him unless he reciprocates. I wouldn’t bother and just move on.

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    What was the family issue?

    To be honest, you need to pace this better by not talking to a guy everyday. The problem with this, is you don’t allow for any mystery or intrigue, whereas if you give too much info. about yourself away for free (via text), they are less inclined to ask you out because you’ve essentially taken the fun out of courting experience.

    Men love to play by engaging in fun activities, and learning about a lady this way, not endlessly talk, and talk, and talk, or text. They will talk, initially but when they reach the point of talking boredom they will start pulling away. Think of dating like Christmas. You reveal something about yourself on the actual date, then reveal a little more on the next date, then more on the next. Do not engage in endless texting or conversation, leave that to planning times to see each other and do majority of the conversing when in each others presence.

    Men fall in love in a ladies absence, women fall in love in a man’s presence. Men need to be able to think about you, a lot, when you aren’t there or available, which is when they plan dates so they can be near you. This is how you know the interest level of a man—when he stops planning dates its a clear indication his level of interest has plummeted or stopped, and best to stop back way off when a man does this to see if he steps in again or not—if not, next!

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    Maybe after liking you for so long from a distance, he built up unrealistic expectations of how things would be between you. And once you guys actually gave it a shot, it didn’t live up to whatever he had built up in his head?

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    Yes, I say it’s simply a case of him changing his mind!

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