Missing him

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    Hi all

    I’m not after advice as such. Just feeling a bit sad and wanting some support I guess.

    I met my ex a year ago today. We split a few weeks back. Have decided to stay friends and have seen each other a little. No romance. Not really a desire for being back together from me, although I guess if he came back and said he’d be different- more open with his feelings, recognising he shuts me out and wanted to try again, would I? We definitely have a conversation about how that would really work rather than me rushing in open arms.

    Anyway I just feel sad it’s done, and realistically not going to be anything going forward either

    Like I say, it’s been a year and I just feel disappointed another relationship didn’t work out. And sad at the potential it showed earlier on. I won’t message him about that, if we are to have a friendship then all of that is off the table. I wonder if he’s thinking anything today though

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    He may or may not be thinking about, only he knows.

    Since the break up,have you done any reflecting, started dating others?

    Perhaps, its time to do that since you are still sad about it.

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    I’ve thought about it, even gone online but don’t you think it’s early to do that? Together 11 months I guess and split about a month. I don’t want to rebound with someone. Shouldn’t it be a bit longer before dating?

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    I totally misread the beginning details.
    Since its still fresh, I’d just focus on healing.

    And do things that make you happy in doing this you tend not to wallow in sadness and regret.

    Take it one day at a time, it does get better.

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