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    I met this man trough Tinder, 52 years and i am 42 years. Both of us trying to find a bf/gf but we dont rush to it. We have met several times in the last three weeks in his small room in an apartment near my office, most ended with sexual acts except intercourse. What annoyed me is he always limits our meeting for 2 hours.

    We both know that we still swipe on Tinder and the last day i met him i told him that some men asked me to meet at hotel but i rejected. He asked detailed about how the conversation about it flows but i didnt reply his silly question. Then he asked wether my colleagues flirt me at work, i said no, they didn’t know that i am single now and he doesnt believe it.. After all those talk we made out and he gave me hickeys on my back shoulder and neck. I just realized it when i got home.

    When i confronted it to him he said that who cares and said that we have to stay on the friendship level but if i long for sex he will be ready. I dont mind with keeping the relationship on friendship level, but the hickeys are really annoyed me. Now i blocked all chanels after i told him that giving me the hickeys then putting me in friend zone is the most perfect way to dishonour me.

    It is ended now but honestly i still curious. It’s not normal a 52 yo man gives hickeys. What’s wrong with him? He put me on friendship level anyway, shouldn’t he be friendly instead of giving me shame?



    He has issues, plain and simple. He didn’t want to give you anything important in the relationship realm, but was trying to be territorial. Loser.

    No, this is not normal. Get off Tinder(mostly loserville) and onto a better dating site.

    Match isn’t everything, but better men on there usually.



    acck…meant “netflix and chill” date.



    Honestly you both lack boundaries, visions and goals. if your dating for sexy fun then I’m not sure what your issue is? At 42 I would assume you know the difference between a “netfils and child” (sex orientated) v. a gentleman who takes you out on proper dates and wants to get to know you out side of the bedroom. Your ‘guydar’ is seriously whacked.



    I am unclear on what it is that you want. I agree with Lane, if you want sex, then what is the problem? If you want a relationship, going to a man’s room and getting physical is giving off the wrong impression. That is why he doesn’t believe you about other men he asks you about. It sounds like he assumes you are physically easy and sleep around.

    If you want to meet a man for a relationship, you have to let the man court you, take you on dates and get to know you. Hold back on the physical so you can get to know the man and his intentions first.

    I also agree with Lane that it sounds like you have some boundary issues. I would recommend some counseling or books. At this age with poor boundaries, you have some work to do on yourself.



    What … You didn’t feel him sucking the veins from your neck?!



    You’re performing “sex acts” on a man you just met, and you’re wondering why he doesn’t respect you and doesn’t want a relationship with you?


    Prissy illa

    This guy is am A hole. Raise your standards.


    Prissy illa

    This guy is an A hole. Raise your standards.


    Better off single

    Well every one is different I guess. Some people like them and some don’t. Good luck with plenty of fish.



    I’m with Raven.

    How could you not know what he was doing?!


    ANM Staff

    Does this sound like something you want to weigh-in on? Keep things fresh, start a new thread!

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