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    This site has been crowded with people that are borderline mentally ill, lately. Hope someone can do something about it. It is sad to see so many people out there that are clearly struggling with mental health.

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    Aimee and bos?

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    there are 2-3 more. Very sad and very annoying, to be honest.

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    Who else?

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    Better off Single

    Have you seen what’s going on in the world? I understand how hard it can be to turn a blind eye to it when it’s right in your face.

    There’s nothing wrong with me mentally. Emotionally, maybe…

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    Where do you think your emotions begin BOS? Your emotions are caused by your thoughts, and your thoughts originate in… your MIND. Assuming you’re a real person and these posts are real and not fabricated to create engagement on this site, you present as emotionally and mentally unstable. You may also be an alcoholic. You may have some kind of psychosis going on as you insist there is someone stalking you who reads this site. Yet you refuse to contact the authorities and you still post here. That’s why I’m not convinced this is all real. It may be a prank or it may be someone making it all up to get attention.

    I’m a mental health care professional, so I”m going to refrain from saying anything else because I’m not here in an official capacity to diagnose. I will say that if you are a real person and these are real posts, I strongly recommend you seek professional help immediately, based on the content of your posts over the past month. I gather you have children. You need to think of their well-being in addition to yours.

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    Really? I don’t see anyone all that sane on here.

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    I’m very seriously worried about BOS. Without armchair diagnosing, you are really presenting delusions of persecution. It could be schizophrenia or it could be something else. It could be some real stalking and some stress induced psychosis. But you mention the radio, someone reading your phone, and other small things that sound like classic schizophrenic delusions.

    Here’s the thing, ok? Try talking to someone and try getting on meds.

    It might not stop the stalking but it could help you decipher reality from fantasy, which will help you make smart and better choices on what to do.

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    Better off Single

    I focus on the facts.
    While the terms mental health and emotional health are sometimes used interchangeably, they are distinctly different. … Mental health refers to your ability to process information. Process thought. Emotional health, on the other hand, refers to your ability to express feelings which are based upon the information (thought) you have processed.

    I have a hard time expressing feelings.
    I am a real person and I am posting real things happening to me. What is real and how much I have imagined because I have a very vivid imagination and tend to over think a lot, is uncertain. Nobody wants to come forward and give me any sort of clarity on it.

    Thoughts can be implanted from information fed and processed. If someone is trying to control that information, what do you think is going to happen? So whoever is doing this is/did feed me information that they wanted me to believe. Is it true information? No clue. So in turn, I try to show them my confusion and do my best to express how much it makes me uncomfortable by throwing it back in their face. I don’t care about any of the relationship is he is love with me or not baloney. I’m so tired of battling. I don’t want this in my life anymore. I don’t want to roll over and show my belly saying “ok, go ahead continue watching me.” F*ck that. It’s invading my space, time, and privacy. Not cool. Not sexy. No. No. No. F*ck no!! IDGAF if it’s dr.phil and my information is safe, it’s WRONG! I want to know why it’s continuing and why won’t it stop? When I’ve begged and pleaded. It takes up a lot of head space and I do my best to ignore it and some days it’s impossible. This person won’t stop watching me. Maybe they have, and I’m still battling with psychosis and returning here is now just a habit.

    I did happen to talk to an officer recently and explained what is going on and he said he had never heard of anything happening like this before. I have no name or description. I have no idea who it really is. So there’s really nothing I can do. If my stalker is trying to put themself in my shoes and what they would do in my situation, meeting up with me and confessing everything puts that person at a huge risk because I would have a name and a description.

    Whoever this is, is very smart. Tactile. Knows how to cover tracks well. I come off as crazy/schizophrenic. Stalker is Scott free. The posts I have made state my case as to what this has done to me. I let it happen because I was on a high I never had before by it. I trusted the person right off the bat with no solid information, flying by the seat of my pants, not realizing how much bigger it was that I had thought. It’s a huge guessing game that turned into a huge problem that I am now trying to solve.

    I felt loved at special at first so Hook, line, sinker, and now I’m powerless to stop it. So, basically, I’m f*cked. I f*cked my self. It’s not like they care how it’s really effecting me they just want my soul or something. It’s probably not smart to treat them how I think they are treating me. I have no idea how to process how I FEEL about it and refuse to accept and just let it happen. I won’t go down without protesting since I really don’t like it. My reasons for feeding into it are multifaceted.

    Do I know if this person wants to physically harm me? No. I don’t. Based on the actions taken , I think they do. Do I really want to get the law involved? No. I really don’t. I will if I have to. I don’t want to. I just want it to end so I can continue life and slowly rehab myself back to where I was before all this happened.

    It is some real stalking and all stress induced psychosis because of it.

    The thoughts that originate in my mind stay in there, end up here, or on my notepad in my phone. I am mentally capable of processing it. handling it emotionally has taken it’s toll. I’m even more depressed, confused, and very angry by it because it makes me very uncomfortable and have no idea what to do about it.

    I refuse medication. I’ve been on them. Each one of them caused the opposite effect -made me more impulsive, extremely sleepy, and more likely to act on suidcidal thoughts. I’ve attempted twice. The most recent was a very low, very weak point in life last year (taking chantix and mistakenly mixing alcohol) the first was when I was 17. So, a big middle finger goes to taking meds and the companies making tons of money off of the misery of citizens.

    If I am going to be on ANY drug, it will be pot. I exercise, i self educate, find my own methods of therapy that works for me. Nobody knows about me better than I do. I do eat relatively healthy food. I do drink. Not as much as you people think I do. I take care of my children and do take parenting very seriously. This has effected it. I have iscolated myself even more (I’m already an introvert) because of the uncertainty and not exactly knowing how I feel about it (other than angry and violated) and my kids have suffered a little because of it. I make it known to them every day how much I love them and honestly they are my only reason for living. Nobody in my life really have a clue what is going on with me. Just I’m distant and depressed. “Oh, it’s probably because her and Mitch are over. Pity, so many years trying to make it work and get him to work, 2 kids later, he makes no effort to be with them or pay child support. No Wonder she’s depressed.”

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    Better Off Single, please listen to me. I am coming forward and telling you that you need to get yourself to a psychiatrist as soon as you can. You just admitted you have what is defined as psychosis, meaning you can’t tell outer reality from the inner world in your mind. You are rambling incoherently. You do this often here. You also admit you’re drinking.

    You’re keeping your problems and psychosis going by constantly posting here. You are only going to get sicker if you keep it up and I”m concerned for your safety and the safety of your children in the long term. You say you attempted suicide last year and I’m worried you will do it again.

    I”m begging you for the sake of yourself and your children to stop posting and get yourself to your doctor or a psychiatrist who can help you get on medication and find the appropriate therapy to help you get well.

    I can’t say anything further to you without risking my medical license. This site is “for entertainment purposes only.” PLEASE GET HELP.

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    If there is a site admin here, please do something to encourage this lady to get help and stop her from posting. You could be held liable if she attempts to harm herself or someone else.

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    DrB – apparently the best way to contact the admin, Eric Charles, is via DM on his FB page. I’m sure there is an email address on this site to book him as a speaker etc too. I encourage you to take the extra step and notify him. This issue has gone on long enough with BOS.

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    Better off Single

    you don’t know me at all. I’m not asking for your help or sympathy. I’m handling my mental issues on my own just fine. I don’t need a professional to tell me what’s wrong with me nor want it. I know exactly what’s wrong.
    I understand you’re a medical professional, you’re also a human being so have some compassion. I’m only trying to vent. I am being straight forward and honest as this is a free ANONYMOUS forum. YOU brought up the subject. I’m being stalked and if something happens to me, there is some sort of public “notes” about the situation as I can best understand it and I have informed the people closest to me of it. I don’t need psychiatric help. I did attempt and it was because of the way I was feeling, the pressure put on me by the person stalking me, and hardships in my life adding more pressure. I was also under the influence of alcohol and experiencing side effects of taking a medication that I immediately stopped taking and refuse to take again. I do drink alcohol, which is not against the law.

    It is also possible for a person to make a choice to not do it again and actually stick to it. Change is constant. Nothing is permanent.

    I do battle with depression, and I’m taking the steps to overcome it without the assistance of a “happy” pill which are the cause of the suicide attempts. I will not waste my hard earned money to talk to a medical professional, who knows absolutely nothing (or probably even care) about me as a person generalizing my symptoms, putting me in some “mentally unstable” category, and given pills that will possibly make my symptoms worse instead of better.
    (please read that sentence until you understand it).

    I have symptoms of psychosis caused by the stress of this situation. I have a hard time differentiating the reality of JUST THIS SITUATION (not the rest of my life) because from my side of it, honestly looks and feels like it’s supernatural and I’m being haunted. My brain is just having a hard time processing it. It’s not natural and it doesn’t happen to everyone. It’s unknown. which makes it scary to me. There are a small group of people who know exactly what’s going on, and I would like them to come forward and explain themselves. Maybe then, the symptoms will finally stop. I’m not getting that sort of closure, so, I’m dealing with it my way.

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    Better off Single

    My biggest problem is I really don’t know how to make sense of it and I’m trying to make sense of it. I can see it looks like rambling from a mentally unstable person. I’m not unstable, this situation makes me feel unstable. As I said, you don’t know me at all. So just because you’re seeing a side of my personality not a whole lot of people get to see doesn’t mean it is who I am. I know who I am. I don’t need anyone else telling me differently.

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    If you aren’t unstable, then you deserve an Oscar for playing an unstable person to perfection.

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    @BOS, let’s say just for argument’s sake there is someone stalking you and something happens to you and you are harmed or bumped off. How do you expect anyone to find your posts on an anonymous site when your real name isn’t connected to any post and you use different handles all the time? And what have you really proved? You look absolutely barking at the moon crazy in these posts. No one is going to be convicted of anything with these posts as “evidence.” Also, do you have any idea what you’re dragging the site owner into by these months of ongoing nutty posts? You’d destroy their business and their personal reputations. The fact that you claim to be posting here to create evidence shows exactly how not with reality you are.

    Dr B is right – for God’s sake, get help. You’re seriously delusional. And I don’t believe for one minute there’s someone stalking you.

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    And food for thought – there is ample evidence thanks to your continued postings that you are a possible threat to yourself and definitely to your children’ well-being. All it takes is one person who sees these posts to contact the police and report this activity, and the site owners can be compelled to look up your IP address and turn over that information so your real name and address can be found so the local police can pay you a visit I”m sure you don’t want. You could be hospitalized against your will and lose custody of your children, they could wind up with social services if your ex is the deadbeat you claim he is.

    You need to seriously consider all of this before you say another word here.

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    And you’re starting to give out your info when you’re drunk – you’ve already said your first name, your ex’s name, occupation, city where you live… it’s only a matter of time before someone on this site is able to figure out all the details just like that one car salesman…

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    Better off Single

    At least I know now how my phone got hacked into.

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    Nobody here hacked your phone and nobody is stalking you. You’re in a major psychotic state where you can’t tell reality from the paranoid stories your mind is producing. You’ve admitted that many times.

    You really, really need to pay attention to what anon and Genene just said. Right now, there is enough information about you for someone to phone the police in your area and tell them to check this site. There’s plenty of solid evidence that can get you hospitalized against your will and get your kids taken away from you.

    That car salesman from a Midwestern state was here not too long ago begging for removal of all his posts because some of them were showing up on page 1 of Google. His job was in jeopardy. All because he insisted on oversharing here for so long instead of going to therapy or a dating coach for his extreme anxiety issues with women.

    You have a lot more to lose than your job. Think of your kids for crying out loud. The trauma they will suffer of losing their mother. Refuse medication if you want, but you need to find a mental health professional who can help you get a diagnosis and manage your condition.

    There’s no way you’re walking around in the world operating normally and just reserving the crazy for this site.

    Every word you write and every post gets you one step closer to losing everything you value, including your freedom.

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    Better off Single

    Wow, observer you know me so well! keeping my thoughts and managing my emotions on my own because I don’t have a college degree in psychology is just so impossible. You must be right because I’m completely noticably psychotic outside of this forum every second of every day. You’ve seen it, right? Was it you I had lunch with yesterday?

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    Get OUT

    to look up your IP address and turn over that information so your real name and address can be found

    This is how phone got hacked into.

    This is how someone found out where I lived and posted signs everywhere, shaved my dog, stole my cats, left a dead rabbit skin on my porch, broke into my car, knows where I work and caused ME mental harm when all I’ve done is post about it on the fourum where my information was stolen. Yep, I guess I’m just mentally unstable and nobody is really stalking me. It’s all in my head.

    I’m not blaming the owners for this if anything their info is probably not safe either and they’re being watched too.

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    Steve Miller

    Every word you write and every post gets you one step closer to losing everything you value, including your freedom.

    Well, since someone hacked into my phone and is watching every move I make a vacation in a looney bin will be no different. If you actually read through the posts I write how I deal with it and nothing is permanent and I do get over it thinking logically and thanks to a few posters here, it helped save my sanity.

    This person has pushed me to the point where I wanted to just to be free from it and the hardships I’ve had to deal with. Have you had your mind toyed with by someone to the point where you cant tell up from down? Have you ever been given false hope by that person continually? Have you ever been given promises of a fantastic future that only exist in the imagination, to be built up for it to be a reality and then basically told “ha ha just kidding I wasn’t really who you thought I was and now I’m going to destroy you.”

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    Steve Miller

    and thanks to a few posters here, *they* helped save my sanity.

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    Steve Miller

    It’s scary to me, I don’t want it to be scary. That’s why I’m avoidant, fight it, and do not comply to whoever it is and what they want.

    If they would just approach me like a normal person and get to know me like a normal person instead of a serial killer maybe I’d be more open to it.

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