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    So this guy showed me a ton of interest, we chatted alot & hung out. No wedding ring or tan line either. I was prepared to keep it casual but after awhile I caught feelings. He suddenly announced hes been married for 25 yrs but things aren’t good.

    I was FURIOUS to say the least! I told him it’s over & we cannot be friends. Well I do sometimes walk by him in the hall but I just ignore, ignore, ignore.

    Now someone is leaving candy and chocolate bars on my desk. I sent an email asking if it was him but doesn’t reply back. He used to put candies on my desk regularly so I’m sure its him.

    If he wont admit it, then what should I do, and also there’s no proof. But I want it to stop.


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    If it’s perfectly sealed chocolate bars and never had been tempered with candy wrappers I would eat them and share them with the whole office and continue my duties and never bother with anything else. Case close.

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    He puts candy on your desk? Yeah, that’s a really tough one.

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    Take the candy & put it back on his desk…

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    “Who can take a sunriiiise….sprinkle it with dewwww?”

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    Do not let a married man who purposely mislead you lure you into an affair with a candy bar.

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    ^^^ LOL to Emma’s comment

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    hehe.. I agree with Emma. SILLY MAN. if you are very clear about staying clear of married men, then don’t get taken in by these silly childish gestures. avoid him. ignore him. collect the candy bars in your drawer then share it with colleagues.

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    T from NY

    Predators seek out weaker beings. Yes I call what he did predatory. He was trying to win something under false pretenses. Men like him chip away at good (though weak) womens resolves until — before you know it — you’re in the middle of a situation you never thought you would be.

    If it were me I would NOT eat the candy. I would either put it right on top of the trash bin, over and over, where he could see it. Or, if there was a common eating area for other co workers I would keep a straight face and immediately set it out there for other people to take, over and over.

    Continue to ignore ignore. A high quality would REFUSE to engage whatsoever — except to say FECK OFF.

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    T from NY

    **a high quality woman

    Be her.

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    Personally, I’d collect the candy and tell him that if he ever hits on you again, you’ll send the candy to his sweet wife with a sweet note about what a sweet guy her husband is.

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    I totally agree with T from NY. A high quality woman would refuse to play these games with him. I once broke up with a guy and he brought flowers to my work every single day for a week and a half. It was an hour round trip drive for him to do this every single morning. Ignoring him wasn’t working so I finally sent him a picture of all the flowers in the trash can and a text saying stop wasting your time and money. He got the picture.

    If you can send an email then simply take a picture of all the candy in your trash can and send it to him.

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