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    My first love. Known him for over 45 years. Went out with him till 20 years then split. Been in contact over the years and also spent time together sporadically. Always there for each other. He got divorced then has remarried again with a 7 year old child. He wants to see me. He says he loves me. I know he does not mean we can be together as he is with his new family. I’m single. I have said no. But am wishing I could say yes even though I know there’s no future. I know he just wants to meet up every now and then. I thought I could do it but I just can’t because of his family. I feel torn. I could be happy just seeing him once in a while but it’s not fair to his family, I always seem to loose out….

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    You are insane for even asking this question. He’s married and you are torn over whether you should be his side chick?

    Go no contact and look date single men. Seeing him every once in awhile will work for him. If he loves you so much then why did he marry her & not you? He’s feeding you a bunch of bull crap!!

    Turn and walk away with no further contact even if it kills you. I’ve been in the same situation. I ended up a mess and alone waiting for him to call. Like a puppet on a string.

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    Married men want to keep you as a friend so that when he’s having problems at home – there is someone waiting in the wings to comfort him. This is NOT love for you! He’s using you, that’s all!

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    Cut ties with him.
    If he wants to see you to have an affair he is not a good man.

    Go free yourself to find someone else. He’s married end of story.

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    Cathy- your attitude of resisting for the sake of his family shows great character. His desire to “have you” shows poor character.

    You deserve a man who wants you 100% and you can not find a great guy if you are hung up on your ex husband.

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    Thanks for your advice ladies. Much appreciated.

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    Don’t be a home wrecker, it ended for a reason. Go out and find someone thats available.

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    Anne, interesting you would frame it as Cathy being a home wrecker if she hooks up with ex. Even if she did, it would be her ex that’s wrecking the home. Chances are he’s going to wreck it anyway.

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