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    I recently lost my job and got dumped too…
    Giving a lot of interviews but all rejects

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    Unless we have become Self realised we spend our entire lives alternating between pain and pleasure, even in happy moments there is a background of unhappiness, i.e. we want the happy situation to last but know that it won’t.

    At the moment you are experiencing double pain but everything passes nothing remains static. Ask yourself who is experiencing this pain and the answer will be the I thought. This I thought is the king of all thoughts and is popularly known as the ego. It is the total identification with this I thought that causes all your suffering. Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj used to say: ‘ The mind/ego/I thought has lots of problems. YOU don’t have any.’

    I recommend the Neti Neti meditation practice. Sit with your emotional pain making NO effort to get rid of it. Notice where the pain/agitation appears to be located, notice its texture/contour/limits and its strength. Just sit accepting whatever you experience and you will find that the pain will rapidly diminish. However if you try to push the pain away or suppress it in any way it will get stronger. The pain message want to be heard and once heard it will go away.

    Remember you are NOT your body,mind,thoughts,emotions,feelings or sense perceptions. You’re the Absolute and only your continual fascination with your body/mind prevents you from knowing this. Treat everything in life as a passing show, a dream. Stick to nothing let everything come as it comes and go as it goes.

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    The way to find out who you really are is through negation. Try hard to always remember ‘I am’ and reject everything that you want to add to that. For example ‘I am an American’, I am a woman’, ‘I am a mother’ and even ‘I am a human being’. Absolutely everything must be rejected once and for all before you will become one with the Absolute. Becoming one with the Absolute we call Self-realisation or Enlightenment. You will still go on living, at least to others, but your current identification will no longer exist, because your troublesome I thought will be dead. Actually dead isn’t the right word, what happens is that you see fully and finally that the mind/ego/I thought was nothing more than a phantom. You thought that it existed and therefore it existed for you and it’s problems were your problems.

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    If your I thought were you then you wouldn’t be able to perceive it. This is what meditation reached you do it. To watch the I thought in action. Watching the I thought slowly but surely breaks all identification with it.

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    Better off single

    Becoming one with the Absolute is death. The ultimate negotiation, the ultimate rejection. Literally or figuratively.

    When you’re committed to a certain course of action or a certain pattern in how you live your life or your way of thinking, it’s difficult to free yourself from it and face a new way of doing it. (I’ve tried) Life is trial and error and if you sit back and look to understand the situation using that I thought, the experience is easier to process.

    Sometimes, like the unfortunate fate Niyati is currently facing, there really isn’t a much of a choice but to accept it and sit through the pain is there?

    Getting dumped and losing your job. A double hit to the chest. It’s like being without the love of God. You feel Lost. It really f*kg hurts and you want to do everything to move away from that feeling and get close to that love again. The comfort. The security. The peace.

    “what am I going to do?” would be my first question and then go on a tangent from there. “Well, this has to be done, then that…” how do you ask that question without a ready made answer and just sit and accept whatever is happening?

    That I thought is needed to take action.

    A mind in conflict is a tortured mind. How can it see the beauty in a pile of ashes? Through faith -complete trust or confidence that it will get better eventually. It may not come in a way you want it to. It will get better. You will create brand new happy memories. It might not be today but I bet you can think of at least one good thing that happened today. Make a big deal out of that.

    Have faith that no matter what you’re going to be OK, Niyati. Things might be tough now, it’s not like you have someone in your life that’s out to make sure you fail the second you start to succeed. Something will come your way- just keep trying and keep tackling it one day at a time.

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    Better off single

    I am… Therefore, I am.

    I doubt… Therefore, I might be.

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