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    So I’m a bit unlucky in love and would like that to change.

    Dating sites haven’t ended well, my male friends are spoken for and I’ve tried just living my life which, whilst great and interesting, doesn’t tend to lead me into the path of lovely, single men haha!

    A friend has suggested frequenting a coffee shop regularly. Does anyone know if this actually works? Has anyone taken up any hobbies and found love? Would love to hear about it.

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    Better off single

    I’m in the same boat. Just gotta get out of it and walk on water….or to a coffee shop.

    People are too self absorbed these days to approach you unless there’s an app for it.

    It’s more about being at the right place at the right time and ready for it. It doesn’t matter where it is. That’s why a lot of people suggest meet up groups.

    I want to really be loved in the way he pretends to love me and I’m not worthy of love is how he makes me feel. Stay away from married dudes.

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    Meet up groups,
    Sports Bars when the home team is playing,
    Hardware Stores,
    Church groups,
    Networking events,
    Volunteer for a cause you are passionate about,
    Civic Groups, Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, etc,
    Join a Dance Club,

    There are so many places to meet people & make new friends…

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    If you need to be told to stay away married men, you should not be dating!

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    Better off single

    …not very many of them like to tell you they are. I have trust issues with any man I meet now.

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    Yes you should go to the same place at the same time preferably, this increases your chances of meeting people. Because after a while, people recognize each other and then it is easy to say ‘hi’ etc.

    I met several guys through my hobbies, and especially at the gym. They approached me first (I do not ever approach men first), but only two ended up being with romantic interest. Others remain my pals.

    You need to focus on what you have to offer to the opposite sex. This does not mean you lower your value or try to please them. Not at all. But you need to be realistic. If you have nothing to offer at all, why would they be interested in you? There are some things you can’t change, like your height or age, for example, but most other things you CAN change. You might never get 100% but you can get 80%, and this is enough in real life. You might not get a prince, but can still you’d get a decent nice guy.

    But if you are not very young for a woman, lets say 36-38, 50 pounds overweight, have no hobbies, do not go out and don’t do anything social or athletic, lazy, live with your mom who still cooks for you, you don’t dress well, and most importantly, you don’t have a job to support yourself properly, then why would any man be interested in you? This is just an example of course, to make a point.

    Pick a coffee shop near something busy, not in an isolated area. And frequent it at the same time 2-3 times a week. Sit there with a book or a magazine. Do not use your phone or laptop, because this is uninviting. If you are looking at a magazine you are not really “reading” or doing something. And look around often. Do not be afraid to smile. Send friendly vibes. D not overdo it of course but be approachable.

    For your hobbies, likewise, frequent the same schedule and be good at it. People with the same hobby are likely to talk to you and ask for advice or to share experiences.

    The best hobbies is when you are on display. Out of 100 people you only need one person to like you and over time chances for that to happen are quite good LOL Anything to do with Arts is the best. Music, dancing, singing, fashion.

    It always helps when you are passionately in love with your hobbies. Then you are not going to cling on to anyone, not going to sit and wait for them to call you, not going to be upset if they vanish. Because you have other things to do that you LOVE. Learn how to expand love beyond gender relations, and this love will help you attract other type of loves towards you. Good luck.

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    The thing is to be friendly and open-then you can connect with people anywhere. In our town 2 people just wed at the grocery store where they met,and another lady I know met her husband at Starbucks!

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    BOS, I know how you feel, but you gotta let that hurt go.

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    Target for Aholes

    The hurt is gone. The scar just isn’t healed because I keep picking at it.

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