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    So I have this childhood friend which was also my neighbor since then. He became my crush because he was so cute & he is 2 years older than me. He wasn’t able to go out & play a lot with us because his parents were so strict, that’s why we didnt become really close & didn’t have a lot of childhood memories. Few years pass by, I got to high school & I haven’t seen him for I while since I don’t go out a lot anymore. There, I went through a lot of new crushes. One day, he messaged me out of the blue & we continued chatting a lot. I really enjoy chatting with him because he’s really fun & we share a lot of interests. I also found out that he took marine engineering for college and is going to have his training real soon which means he’ll be traveling a lot in the sea & different countries for a year. That time, I felt like he’s just an older brother because he kinda acts like one & also because I have a crush in our school. We chatted everyday & some times until midnights with no romantic topics or whatever, but as time pass by, I felt like I’m feeling something for him. One time, we stopped chatting & I thought that he’s just not interested anymore & that he’s busy so I let him be. It took like 4-5 months I think, when we got back to normal. I’m now in college & he’s still on his training, traveling around Southeast Asia. I’ve been sending him some hints for a while now because I couldn’t help it, but always at the end, taking them as jokes. I think he’s also doing the same but I’m quite unsure. We talked about some few romantic stuff which makes me think about him a lot. I just confirmed that I really have a crush on him. It’s august & hes said that he’s going home this november. I miss him a lot of times because he can’t connect to a network sometimes because he’s always in the sea & he said he always finds a way to talk with me. What do you think should I do now & in the future if we meet???

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