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    Him and I hit it up one night more than two months ago. He lives in a different country but plans to move near me at the beginning of the next month. So, all these 2 months he has been doing the following: he would text at least once per week, every week, but keep it very short. Many times I would ask something during our conversation and he will just answer the following week. At the beginning I liked his way to “keep in touch” but now I am just annoyed… He initiates, so he gets my attention and then I could spend few hours waiting for his answer (that may come with a few days delay)… Of course, under this communication we share nothing (not even the day he is coming), so I do not feel confortable starting to complain, but I am not strong enough to just ignore him. If he was not about to move I would just ignore him but now I just assume that he is keeping contact so that we meet in person when he moves…

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    Google- e-tethering…

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    Thanks @Raven! I am a part of a team now…
    So, there are indeed doing it on purpose…

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    Most of the time guys send these texts when they are bored. This isn’t showing high interest or any guarantee this will turn into anything. You had sex on the first meet up? He probably will hit you up for more sex when he moves but this isn’t a guy who wants to really get to know you. I think it’s a waste of time and he should be the one worried about you not answering him. Not the other way around. Stop falling for the lame texting. If he really wants to know know when or if he moves, then see what happens.

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    Well, reversing the stereotypes here, we did not have sex, and I really want to :)
    Actually, I have been knowing him for quite few years, and for around 2 years he would always do the lame texting (the frequency was lower then) that I would ignore (“oh, he might like me, that is cute” and lame text back).

    But now he is moving close, we did make out, and he is sending every week, which makes me think of him… But I sure deserve more if he does indeed like me.

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    So all he does is occasionally text you and get you hot and bothered, you respond and he ignores you until next time. If you dint even have sex the first time, you have less chance of him carjng,.. so text on

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