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    I’ve been talking to this guy for a month and he’s told me he likes me before. His life is a mess Right now. I have really bad anxiety and I’m scared he doesn’t like me cause he doesn’t flirt with me anymore. I keep overthinking his messages. Recently he mentioned something about the future how he would make sure I would get this thing done. He talked like in a long-term sense. We recently switched from Snapchat to texting and I hate it I can’t tell if he’s ignoring me or not and I’m just really scared. He just recently got out of a long term relationship. I’m scared I’m being to clingy and am going to push him away. I just need advice

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    Honey, you should not be dating in this state at all. You should be spending time working on your self love and support. Until you feel confident that men you are only dating don’t matter, you should be working on your own self.

    And anything a man says should not be looked into too deeply unless actions and words are matching. He says something and then you hold it neutrally in your mind to see if his actions meet up. Men say a lot they only mean in the moment.

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    If you want your anxiety to get worse and get your heart broken, keep talking to him!!

    He’s just out of a LT relationship = not available. You’re already stressing on this and you hardly know him. You’re going to be devastated when this doesn’t work out and it’s very likely it won’t.

    The problem isn’t that you will push him away, the problem is you shouldn’t even be talking to him because he’s not going to give you what you want and until you get your anxiety under control you’re not going to be able to sustain a health relationship.

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    He’s said he wants to go in a date with me he’s talked about in the future I think he wants to date me I just need anxiety help.

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    You are way way way over invested in a man you don’t know. You are this anxious because you are giving away your power to a stranger. You are not emotionally healthy enough to date. Period.

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    Please read up on anxious attachment and find a therapist

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    Let the man step up – let the man step up – back off until he steps up and stay far away back so he keeps stepping up. Give him room.

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