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    I have been in relationship with my boyfriend for 6 years now.
    Lately I’ve found out that he has a lot of naked girls’ pictures and videos and sex videos. I don’t know weather this is right or not I feel so down cuz I didn’t think that he would do such a thing cuz we have a good sex life. I feel like he is cheating on me.
    Should I be open with him and talk it out or just let it go?

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    No, not cheating, may be a porn addiction. Talk to him about it if you feel like it.

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    Men are never going to stop watching pornography or looking at pictures of women. The only way to keep men’s thirst for these things is to greatly restrict access to such materials. Pre Internet men could only look at pornographic images by buying soft porn magazines like Playboy or visiting Soho. The Internet is awash with sexual images of celebrities something that was vanishingly rare pre Internet.

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    *men’s thirst under control.

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    I think it is impossible to find a man these days who would not want porn or do something of this kind. I think the question is in a degree.

    You said “a lot”. How much is a lot? Is he addicted you think? How did you find out? was he hiding it or was he open about it?

    No woman likes it, sweetheart, none of us, but what can you do? The sad reality of it is that even when a man WANTS to stop, he can’t. This is how they all are these days, porn is wired into their blood vessels. They all got hooked, like a herd of goats to opianoid grass.

    So what matters is a degree and the extent of which he is doing it.

    Try to ignore it and hope that he would evolve out of it in time. Not saying he’d ever stop. But some med decrease these things to occasional viewing..he might be able to do that in time as well. LOL

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    ‘no woman likes it’

    Well that’s a load of nonsense…

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    I watch porn sometimes. I know lot of women who do. Sometimes I’m just in that kind of mood, whereas other times I want to watch something about politics or go to the theatre and watch Shakespeare.

    I personally don’t consider it as cheating but you have to feel comfortable. My mother nearly divorced my father because he was looking at women in bikinis online.

    One question though…these are commercial porn videos right? They’re not private ones that have been sent to him?

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