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    My boyfriend and I have been together for five months. We are spending Valentine’s Day together and this weekend too and have organised a weekend away in a month’s time.

    However I’ve noticed that he’s lacking affection in his messages and even when we’re together. I know he’s had a stressful week but he’s had more stressful weeks and still had affection. I’m not saying I need the affection or the flirting but I notice that it’s changed.

    Is this something to be concerned about or is this just normal progression in a relationship?

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    You can’t base anything on text messaging quality.

    If he’s withdrawn in person, ask him what’s going on and be very ready to listen.

    Maybe he’s just tired!! Each of you are settling into your normal selves and moving away from the burdensome roles of being on your best behavior so yes, part of this is natural progression of the relationship.

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    If it’s just this week, I wouldn’t worry about it at all. Everyone has bad weeks.

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    My boyfriend gets like this sometimes. He’s probably just tired or has a lot on his mind.

    Don’t read into and go about your day.

    I’d only be concerned if this was a persistent behavior.

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    Sounds like things are generally going very well, so please don’t make a problem when there isn’t one! Everyone has a day/week here and there where they are a bit preoccupied or more introverted. And don’t put a lot of pressure on Valentine’s Day– you guys are spending it together and that’s great– but please don’t be watching his every move tomorrow and looking for ways in which he’s lacking.

    Just lighten up and enjoy the day! I’m sure things will go back to normal, or you may have to accept that this is more what he is like on a day to day basis– some men will put a lot of effort in the beginning and then slowly start to become more of who they are.

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    What is with the texting generation?

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