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    During sex, if a guy consistently keeps telling you are so tight, is that a compliment? Almost every guy I’ve been with says that and I know I am a little tighter than other girls but is that a bad thing? Like do guys prefer tighter girls? This is a weird question but this forum is for sex advice. I’ve had guys ask me if I was a virgin when I wasn’t because of how tight I am. I’ve had sex many times but still am very tight.

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    It’s not a bad thing unless it hurts. Men tend to like it. That’s why they’re so into the idea of anal.

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    Really …?

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    How could you possibly know you are tighter than most girls?

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    Doesn’t it mean the woman hasn’t has much intercourse sex if she’s tight? Like she’s inexperienced? That’s what I have always thought.

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    Most men like it. It means that you haven’t been with a lot of guys and they like the feeling . Lol

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    The tightness of your vagina has nothing to do with how many guys you’ve been with…

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    So over it

    Stupid Stephen post.

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