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    My boyfriend and I were having a conversation and it went like this

    me: “My birthday is next Friday”

    My bf: what are you doing for it

    Me: my manager is taking me to this new club but, I can’t think of the name.. it’s in the old shopping center

    Him: you can’t think of the name? That means you don’t wanna go

    Me: i do wanna go

    Him: no you don’t

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    I don’t know about mad, but hes a smart mouth

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    How is he a smart mouth

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    Well he didn’t plan anything on my birthday and he also has to work

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    I asked him two weeks ago what were we doing for my birthday and he said “i can see if i can be available but I’m not making any promises”

    But i reminded him because this is my 23rd birthday and i always told him my 23rd was going to be my halfway mark of finishing school i didn’t try to make him jealous I’m not that petty

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    I didn’t text him first of all if you don’t know all of the details don’t ASSUME i was in his fact with this conversation

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    Omg. Don’t even comment anymore where did i say i texted him? I was over his house we were in bed

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    And he hasn’t purchased me a birthday gift or Christmas gift in almost two years

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    Wendy Hart

    It’s hard to tell if he’s mad in this conversation. It truly depends on the tone he used. Like he could be saying that but he was sarcastic or something. You would be the best judge to know if he was mad or not.

    What happened after this conversation?

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    I agree that he sounds sarcastic and wanted to hit a nerve with you. As a boyfriend I would think he would be more interested in knowing why your manager is taking you to a club -assuming it’s a man since you didn’t say. Also some guys are not big on birthdays or other celebrations since you do mention he hasn’t gifted you anything in 2 years. If that’s an issue for you I would speak to him about it.

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    Because gifts aren’t everything. I just wanna spend time with him on my day that’s all. I didn’t ask for anything i know he doesn’t have a lot of money right now.

    And how is he being sarcastic

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    I didn’t ask for gifts are you reading my replies ? I didn’t ask him for anything for my birthday because i don’t want anything i just want to see him on my day that’s all

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    Because he thinks I’m materialistic and i haven’t asked for anything lol i just want to spend time with him

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    I have an idea!
    Why don’t you tell him you’d like to spend some time with him… Maybe the day before or after?

    The game playing is getting you nowhere…

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    Just tell him. Men are not mind readers, need to be direct and tell them what you want. Just say “after your done with work come over as I want some birthday sex”. That would work

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    He’s not mad. He just don’t give a f, and is a bit controlling.

    A boyfriend that is 100% into this relationship with you will ask you more details. And express his concerns if any.
    He would be happy to see you having something fun to do to enjoy your birthday since he will be at work. But his response was a huge no because he spoke for you (controlling). And he didn’t even care to ask you to elaborate about anything (he don’t care).

    On the other hand, maybe he has a surprise planned for you and might not want anything to ruin it. But given that he is not a romantic I highly doubt that.

    Overall, I can’t judge based on a few written lines. But your relationship sounds very stale for a 23 year old. Your man isn’t interested in your life. And he isn’t giving you quality time, the thing you truly wanted him to do by inventing/telling him that manager story in an effort to get him to be with you on that day, so that you won’t be with the mystery manager. Let’s be honest now. And it is your belief that he thinks you’re materialistic? Girl why are you with him if that’s so?

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    My manager is a female she is taking us all out. And i only made plans for the night because he has to work that night but he could still see me during the day

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    My boyfriend didn’t even get his mother a gift for her birthday so i don’t even expect one. He didn’t give her a gift because he told her he didn’t have any money

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    Being broke can make someone feel limited it’s true, but it doesn’t have to cost him anything to get creative to make you feel loved! And that is what I meant about the overallity of your relationship. It’s not about giving the gifts, it’s his interest and efforts are off.

    If he has no issue with the outing with your manager and will be spending day time with you, what is troubling you then? Is it because he still haven’t given a solid yes on spending the daytime with you? If so then I still stand by what I said about him not really giving a care to even discuss this when it’s important to you. But I guess there is still time for it so..i do hope you are able to sort it out and enjoy your birthday.

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    Yeah he doesn’t care obviously

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    Better off single

    To him, it’s just another work day. Maybe he isnt into the club scene and he is the one who doesn’t want to go. So have fun since there is no need to be prioritizing other plans and no need for him to make any other effort than work.

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    My on again off again ex didn’t even wish me a happy birthday (we weren’t serious but still) and didn’t get me an Xmas gift but managed to get one for his “bff” who happens to be a girl…I’ve spent more time feeling unhappy with the situation but staying anyways thinking it will change. He’s nice when he wants something but doesn’t invest proper time and emotion into my life. He’s also “broke” all the time which for one thing is a turnoff and the other kind of an excuse. A simple card even if it’s homemade and one flower or cooking dinner at home or having a picnic isn’t gonna break the bank. You guys are still really young so he’s probably immature but I wouldn’t waste any more time on something that isn’t making you happy you’ll end up just being in a bad mood all the time and that will make you both miserable. Happy birthday and good luck!!

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    Your situation sounds just like mine it isn’t about a gift i just want someone to spend my day with me but it seems like he has plans already i feel unappreciated and he just doesn’t get it

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    Sorry you’re going through this..but if he’s working he shouldn’t be taking the day off. Why can’t you do something together at night? There’s really nothing you can do to change him (or anyone in general). So really just see how it goes and if he continues to be a D then your best bet is to leave the situation…pestering him and trying to make him jealous definitely will not work in your favor though. xox

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