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    My ex broke up with me about two/three months ago because I wasn’t in a great emotional place (and couldn’t see it). It wasn’t the best for the last month or two of our relationship, but all the issues were personal and have pretty much been fixed.

    I did one month of No Contact (mostly to get my mental health back on track), and then reached out and had a bit of small talk before asking if we could exchange our stuff. He refused and asked to do it in a couple weeks, so we didn’t talk until meeting two weeks later; at that point, he talked about pretty much anything but himself and then ran off.

    A week after that, we met to talk about that mess of an interaction. He basically talked in circles until the conversation turned really lighthearted, and then we talked like old friends until he had to leave. We saw each other again that night in a group setting, and it was only mildly awkward.

    We’ve texted a few times since (pretty much me asking a question, him answering, and me saying thank you) and at first it was really amicable. Then, about a week ago, I asked him the name of a restaurant we went to on a date (because I genuinely couldn’t remember and wanted to take a friend there), and his response was super shut off and tense–like, worse than when we first started talking after the breakup.

    I regretted it as soon as I sent the text, but now I feel like I’ve ruined it and don’t even know what to do. I don’t want to keep texting him and seem desperate. I just wish I knew how he felt, ya know? But I don’t know how to find out without asking, and I don’t know that he’d even answer, and I don’t want to ruin our chance at friendship, too. I’m just so stuck.

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    yes, its too late, move on

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    Let it go & move forward…

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    He felt annoyed that you’re still trying to contact him. The 2 if you broke up, exchanged your stuff, he’s done. He barely able to be polite which you interpret as tense.

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    He feels like you are still trying to get back together with him. He is not interested. You need more than a month to get yourself together. Please do not contact him again.

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    He broke up with you, has moved on and you really need to do the same.

    I know its hard, I know you feel compelled to ‘talk’ in hopes he’ll have a change of heart but
    it’s not working and is only making him angry that you refuse to respect his desire to no longer be with you. As hard as it is you need to ‘let him go.’ Accept its over, accept he’s not interested in maintaining any type of connection with you, and accept he doesn’t want to be your friend.

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