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    I dated this girl casually for a month then broke it off cuz i was feeling serious and she wasn’t.

    But i do miss talking to her and hanging out and stuff so ive been chatting with her casually, still, and trying to hang out with her in person.

    Its been a week since we broke up.

    Is it too soon to ask her to meet her as friends?

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    Yes-and honestly,I don’t see the point. You had feelings for her. So now you will be fine hanging out and hearing about her life,new guys she is dating etc? I would say no to this,but then I believe in most cases where someone has/had romantic feelings-someone is just going to end up hurt. My 2 cents.

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    You can not be ‘friends’ with someone you have romantic feelings for…

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    I just can’t even read past a supposed adult writing ‘cuz’ Is this romper room?

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    Go for it. if she says yes then great. If she says no then don’t push it. She’s still talking to you for a reason.

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