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    I was talking to my fiancé tonight over the phone. This first thing I said was, “Hi Honey”. He asked, what did you say. I repeated myself then asked what did you think I said. He says, “oh don’t worry about it, it’s okay”. “How was your day”. I pushed him to tell me what he thought I said. He says, “I thought you said another H word”. I said, “you thought I said hubby”. He says, “yeah”. Maybe I’m thinking to deeply but it’s making me wonder two things, why could he say the word and could this be an indication that he’s running cold on me…

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    Correction: why couldn’t he say the word

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    Why are you looking for reasons to be unhappy?!

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    First of all, I would not read too much into one single comment. Maybe if he thought you said Hi Hubby he was going to say hi Wifey and when he realized you didn’t he continued on with the conversation. What matters is his actions and how he treats you and whether or not any of that has changed. And I’m not sure why you kept pushing him to tell you what he thought you said. It makes you sound insecure. 

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    BTW, At the time he was at his parents house. Why would me asking him what he said make me sound insecure. The reason I did that is because he’ll tell me, “I’ll just tell you tomorrow”. In my experience with him, he’ll say that to get out of telling me something or so it seems. I just wanted to know. Don’t believe this has anything to do with being insecure or sounding that way.

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    Wow, this is your fiancee but if you have this little trust in his love and commitment for you, then i dont see the two of you getting married. This whole convo is so irrelevant and now you think he is going cold.

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