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    This guy that I’ve been talking to has suddenly stopped texting as much and his responses have become a lot drier. So I asked him if everything was okay between us and he said that he’s just been really busy. He used to apologize if he took more than a few hours to respond and we’d have at least one good conversation about anything each day. I am not the type of girl who needs to be constantly texting my man but it’s gotten to a point where he’ll send one text a day and I won’t hear from him until the next day. If I call him, he’ll talk to me for hours but it would feel nice for him to call for once. He used to initiate the phone calls all the time and now I feel like it’s just me. There’s just a lot of mixed signals. I keep thinking about the thing that people say that 3 months is the amount of time it takes for a guy to either drop you or continue seeing you and we’ve been “together” for about four months now so it’s around that time. But even though he’s been acting weird, we still talk about our future together. For example, I’m moving into my new apartment soon and he literally was like let me get the address so I can see how far it is from my place and asking me if I’ll keep his favorite snack for him, and planning on like what we’ll do once I move in. I feel like I should not respond to his last text and just give him his space for a few days, let him reach out again if he truly wants to. Before, if I didn’t respond to his texts, he’d end up double texting me because he couldn’t go more than a day without talking to me. I just feel like things are changing but I don’t know, I could just be overthinking. Let me know what you guys think if I’m overthinking and if I should give him his space for now? Thanks!

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    Have you actually met him in person?

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    Yes, we see each other all the time! We are pretty serious.

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    You have to stop initiating to see what he does. I do feel he lost interest. If youre not the girl whic doesnt need to text her guy every day then dont really dont be that girl. Be busy. Also his talk about snacks i dont consider future talk so you really have to consider his interest is low

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    I personally don’t understand the need for a woman to initiate? If a man is gaga about you, you don’t have to do anything but respond when he reaches out. I suggest you try this method as its worked for me well as I it tells me how much the man, including a husband (I was married for over 20 years), is thinking about me. Even when married I rarely reached out then unless it was something important, or that I would late getting home. Mainly for logistics.

    Just so you know I can EASILY go days without communication, as it does get boring and mundane if there’s nothing new or interesting to talk about. Even then, 95% of the time I let them initiate because it it means I’m on their mind :o)

    Try it!

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    T from NY

    The ONLY true indicators of a man’s feelings for you are – how much he initiates communication in order for him to arrange spending his time with you. Or more simplistically – words + actions / over time = how they really feel. If they say a lot of crap -but aren’t initiating communication and asking to see you regularly – they’re aren’t that into you. If they want to hang out with you allll the time – but aren’t calling you their girlfriend by 10-16 weeks – they most likely won’t. Both words and actions have to add up and you have to led the man lead or you will never know where you stand.

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