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    Okay so guys My story A little big but please help me out, I knew this Guy form 1 year we meet at a friend’s party, and there we start talking and exchange numbers, and after some weeks of texting we decided to meet eachother for hanging out, fast forward to that we keep texting, and calling eachother and meet eachother for hanging out spending time with eachother, And everytime I feel more connected with him, He really open up about his past problems, and about his ex gf who dump him, he came out vulnerable infront of me, discussing everything about his life with me.He is the one who always intiates the texts, calls and plans to hangout.When I was sick he is with me being my support system.Fast forward to that I told him I like him develope feelings for him and he said even he started to have feeling for me, that with me he feel connected and discussing our future together.I don’t know what happen to him after that his behaviour suddenly change he start to ignoring my texts, and calls and when I ask he says he was really busy, So I even give him space and when again when I text him he ignored my texts for days, And I know he was not that busy,he is online at that whole time.He told me he don’t want a realtionship right now and he still misses his ex gf, I leave him alone but after few weeks he again text me and then he again disapper and again after 2 weeks of no contact he text me again, and he gets angry when I ignore him and when I said we shouldnt contact each other. I am really confuse if he dont want me then when he is coming in and out, disappering then weeks of no contact again reappear Like nothing happen, Was he only Orbiting me or just playing mind games with me Maybe talking to some other girls Or does he really is interested in me ? I’m really confuse, I really like this Guy should I move on ?

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    he treats you as a friend, I am assuming you guys sleep together so he might want some sex but he knows you have feelings for him so he backs off.
    I would move on

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    he likes you but he still is into his exgf. his behaviour shows hes not quite into you and doesn’t want to commit to a gf/bf relationship with you. he has anyways told you he doesn’t want to get into a relationship with you. what else do you want to hear?

    nothing you can do really to make him change his mind. what you can do is stop him coming and going and upsetting your life. I wld suggest that you simply cut your losses from this point on and block him out of your life.

    he probably gets in touch when hes bored or sad or feeling lonely. and you let him. block him and don’t let him use you. he has anyways told you he doesn’t want a relationship. nothing left here to salvage. block and move on lady.

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    Your right, I am really doing it cutting all the contacts with him, I block his number but now he leaving message in my social media account, I haven’t block him from FB, and leaving angry messages because I am ignoring him and stop all contacts.But I don’t care now, I am now in much more better place…Thankyou for your advice I really need to hear that

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    No we don’t sleep together because he told me he will not do anything until I don’t want, he don’t want to take advantage of me. But now I Moved on

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