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    Dumped my ex 6 months ago and we have texted hi how’s it going here and there. No getting together or talking on the phone.

    Lately he has been popping in by text and acting weird. Saying things like he loves me, I am beautiful, sexy and other things. He knows I don’t like certain crass words and also I hate it when he won’t respond immediately. Well he has been saying crass words, and being extremely erratic with the texting, replying to some not others. I know he is an ex and all but wondering why he is doing all this. We didn’t break up on bad terms really, it was just that he didn’t want to commit to one woman.

    Is this some sort of subtle revenge? Doing stuff he knows I don’t like? He hasn’t asked to meet up or talk on the phone, or get back together.

    Is this just all in my head?

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    Amanda Rocks

    It sounds like hes flirting with you and when you dont respond he is swiftly moving onto the next. Why do you still give him the time of day anyway ? i would forget about him and it will be easier to move on. x

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    Been there done that

    Or he wants to reconcile. Or he is an attention seeker. My ex BF has started sending me texts like that too and the reason of breakup was the same, didn’t want to commit to one girl and didn’t know what he wants. Now he says, I thought grass is greener on the other end but it isn’t really. But you know what, if they can leave you once they can leave you the second time as well. Keep ignoring his texts that’s what I’ve been doing and keep focusing on your life.

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    In all honesty it sounds like he’s drunk or messed up. I would just cut him off. This is a total waste of time.

    He isn’t making any attempt to reconcile or see you. He’s entertaining himself and getting an ego stroke. That’s all.

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    For some guys talking to them means to them that they still have you. In their mind they’d like to think that they can whistle and you’d come running. I noticed that in the past several years a reply back increased in value exponentially. Like student loans. In the past people could talk and even call each other to check in on each other and neither party would think much of it. It was normal. People are people. We are part of each other’s lives. But these days OMG. Everything is about power and ego. The young generation has very poor manners in general, low social and communications skills. When this is combined with texting and instant messaging the whole thing becomes a nuisance. I think your guy is one of those.

    You can either stop replying and paying attention to him or you can tell him that you don’t care to continue this way. If he wants to talk and say something then he should be a man enough to do that. But I think it won’t make a difference.

    I can see why it is very annoying but do not encourage him by being engaged in this silly game. Stop and forget.

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    To me, it feels like a game for him. I started wondering when he said he loved me, then I replied saying I love him and I was worried he would slip away again. After that, stone silence from him. not even a cricket!

    This actually feels like emotional abuse concocted primarily for his entertainment. Thanks guys for all your input.

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    If you don’t care about him why do you post?

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    lawrence mcdonald

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    Lawrence, not again. Find something else to do. Stop pasting those silly articles.

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    mark green

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