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    Now I wouldn’t say ALL internet advice of is bad (of course not or else I wouldn’t be here) and it depends on how you take it as well. You can also choose to not listen to advice that you think is bull. But to some degree do you think internet dating advice and articles are making understanding each other harder (as in giving one size fits all advice) or giving us unrealistic expectations? Like you’ve got all of these articles telling you “The 10 things a guy will do if he’s into you!” “Does he see you as a fling or a long term relationship?” “Will he marry you?” and so forth… And some of it does make sense like if he wants to have sex ASASP and only texts you at night asking you to come over or only wants to see you in a setting where alcohol is involved that it should be pretty clear he’s not serious. If he never talks about the future with you, tells you his goals and is interested in your goals then he’s probably not serious. If he tells you he’s not looking for a relationship then obviously not lol. But if he checks most of the boxes (he tells you he’s super into you. He’s told his family and friends about you and if you haven’t met them yet he wants you to, he wants to really know who you are, he talks about the future like he sees you in it and makes plans with you well in advance, etc) but there is one or two things he doesn’t do (or he doesn’t do them all of the time) why do we (not all of us obviously. This isn’t to point the finger at anyone. It’s a generalization) obsess over those one or two things even if they are little things in comparison to the things he DOES do?

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    Most sites want to sell you their products…

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    There’s a difference between hype and talking about human behavior. Anything that says things like, win him back, make him love you, be irresistible, texts that win your ex back, etc. are just hype. Things that talk about how men and women view relationships differently, communicate differently, respond to stress differently, etc. are generally pretty accurate with the 80/20 rule. It’s not a one size fits all but in most cases it’s pretty accurate. I have noticed on here more times than not the women have been pretty accurate in reading a situation. It’s easier for the outside looking in. And, when you have had healthy relationships it’s also easy to see the pattern as to how they generally work.

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    I’m pretty smart, but honestly don’t get where you’re going…ohhhh… you mean don’t believe everything you read or hear?

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