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    Hi,I need advice. I have long distance thing with one guy, cant call it relationship yet cause we just started and didnt talk about it yet. At first we were just friends and we talked on fb few times a month, about music, books etc. After a while we started talking every day on whatsapp and that resulted that we saw each other and we had excellent time together. We continued our talking every day and we still do. Thing that is confusing me is this: before we started anything between us and we were just friends talking few times a month, he liked almost every photo on my instagram, especially photos of me. Now, after we started something and talk regulary he’s been kind of ignoring me on instagram, not liking almost anything i post. But still likes his friends photos. I know I shouldnt be worrying about such trivial stuff as likes on instagram, but its kind of confusing for me and I’m curious why he’s doing that. Someone will say ask him, I can’t, I feel if I do that, that will sound like I’m begging him to like my photos. But i just wanna know why he suddenly changed his behavior towards me on instagram. Thanx

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    Curious, Why is this important to You?

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    This does sounds trivial.
    Have you even met this man in person?
    This all sounds like a bunch of chatting.

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    do you meet him regularly? or its all online?

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    Dunno, maybe its ego thing or maybe I’m just worried that he’s kind of losing interest in me, because before he was telling me how he liked my photos and so. And now he likes his friends duck face selfies and ignores mine. But talks with me regulary, kind of confusing.

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    Yes, we meet when he came in my city, talked all night as friends, exchanged fb and stayed in touch. After few months we started talking on whatsapp every day and we saw each other this August for few days, he initiated that. After that we continued to talk and we still do. But he’s been ignoring me on instagram and I can’t help but wonder why, while at same time likes other ppl selfies and random stuff.

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    He was laying it on thick and now that he knows you like him he’s not trying as hard. Plus you live in different cities and he’s probably dating other people. Don’t worry about it..or say anything. You sound needy…guys don’t like that AT ALL. Ps this happened to me with my ex. He liked every single one of my pics (before we met) and stopped like immediately after we met but follows 6k people (mostly women) and liked everyone else pics but mine. He ended up being a giant player. So watch out.

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    Amy, thanx a lot for advice. And good to know Im not the only one having this problem. I know its trivial but still.

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    He’s not necessarily ignoring you. Not at all. You are just being immature. Adults don’t worry about Instagram, ya know.

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    The liking pictures isn’t important at all.
    You haven’t even established if you want a relationship at this point.

    Figure that out first instead of worrying about IG.

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    Khadija, you are right and Im a bit ashamed to feel like this but I cant help it but wonder. And maybe a bit is that Im afraid hes not into me, althought we have good and continuous communication. I’ll try not to worry about it. I just posted question because maybe someone had idea why he’s doing it.

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    Dangerous, I know that adults dont worry about social media trivial stuff but we live in a world where such stuff sometime can indicate something. And this whole situation with him liking a lot my photos before we established continuous conversation and then stop liking them after we established it just was so obvious that i cant but wonder. I know its childish and I already said Im not proud of worrying about something like that but Im human and ego things happen.

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    @Dangerouse adults aren’t pedantic about defining what constitutes being an adult, especially if they don’t do it themselves ;)

    @Stella Even in healthy and committed relationships, a few things that happen in the first few months of dating fade away. Maybe someone used to collect movie stubs or favorited certain text messages but then that habit petered off. It’s pretty natural and normal.

    But for this specific scenario, I’ll echo Khadija and Amy’s comments.

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    Could it be simply because you did establish communication now? I mean, since you talk more now, there is less reason to keep in touch by liking photos, because you are in touch anyway? I know that trivial stuff can bring anxiety on too, however, this really is too trivial… I mean, if he really is losing interest, there would be other (and more obvious) signs too.

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